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  • Insomnia
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Feeling anxious

Your Baby This Week

Your baby is the size of a burrito, weighing in at an impressive 1700g and up to 26cm long.

Dear Diary

I celebrated my 33rd week of pregnancy with a Mother's Day celebration and it was extremely lovely. I honestly cannot put it into words just how much being a mother means to me.

I think I was born broody. In my early twenties, while most people were dreaming about travelling, I was honestly daydreaming about being a mother. It's become so much of who I am. My little man lights up the world around me and to think that in just seven week's we will have another little human doing the same, well it just blows my mind.

I was treated to breakfast in bed on Mother's Day and the excitement on Billy's face was priceless. I was not remotely hungry, but I munched away telling him how delicious the breakfast was.

Naturally, he gave me a hand and we had a little snuggle together in the bed afterwards. I hope he is always this affectionate with his Mammy because it really is the best feeling in the world.

It's been a week for reflecting on motherhood. A few days ago, my husband made a really good point. He was saying that in a few years we will be longing to have these days back.

Right now, when we hear the 5.30am pitter-patter of tiny feet we both think "oh no". In a few years, we will be wishing we could relive these days once again. That thought has helped me to be super-mindful this week.

I've found myself really enjoying making his little packed lunches for play-school and choosing his outfits for the next day. This is the stuff I dreamt about a couple of years ago and now I get to do it every single day. I won't lie, I'm not always this positive and chirpy but I'm feeling really grateful this week. He's such an amazing little boy and he can't wait to be a big brother.

I'm kind of all about the little things this week. When I'm focusing on the little things I'm not thinking too far ahead and that is where my anxiety tends to grow legs. This week I put clothes on the line for the first time since we moved to our new house and it felt great.

Little moments like this are great for my mental health. For those five minutes, I was in fresh air hanging up the clothes feeling very content. I love how fresh air can have that effect on you.

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Peter made a really good point last night. He was laughing about how in the morning when we hear Billy's bedroom door open and squeek we both think "oh no" and automatically look at the clock to see which crazy o clock hour it is. He was saying that these days are so limited and precious and some day we'll miss them so much. I think my response was something along the lines of "Omg are you trying to make me cry?" πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ But he's right. The thing you're not loving (or maybe even dreading) today is probably the very thing you'll miss so intensely when it's gone. It's all relative, I know that and we can't force ourselves to constantly see the good in everything but for the love of God (whoever that might be) we can try. I think some of us automatically default to negativity. We're always in a state of almost expecting the bad thing to happen or for things not to work out. What if the change was to simply expect things TO work out? Feel the feelings of it already being here. Know you're worth the good outcome and have every reason to expect that to happen. You might just be surprised by how powerful that tool alone can be πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ”§ Thid photo captures a #simplepleasure for me. Its simple everyday pleasures that help me feel content throughout the day. Little happy check points and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary. It's Fridays school bag set up for the little man. They're allowed to bring a little treat and s toy on a Friday and he looks forward to it all week. I've said it hundreds of times before but packing his little lunch fills me with so much joy. I won't lie and say I jump for joy every single day buttering his bread but as a general rule, and on most days, I feel so lucky to have a little boy to make lunch for. #mindfulness #positivethinking

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Speaking of washing - I am currently looking at a clothes horse full of BABY CLOTHES. I did my first load of baby washing and I cannot get my head around the size of them. HOW was Billy ever that small? It makes me so happy to imagine this new baby wearing clothes that their big brother wore five years previous.

It was so lovely sharing the experience with Billy. He helped me put the clothes on the clothes horse and he was delighted with himself. The house smells like Fairy and it's making me so so excited. Seven weeks and counting!

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I cannot deal 😍😭 That face he's making is a big "awww" in response to how tiny the baby's clothes are. There is a video in my stories and I can't stop watching it. I genuinely feel like my heart might fall out of my body. I think we've turned a corner. He seems so excited about the baby this weekend. There has been a lot of baby talk between going to the baby show yesterday, doing our very first baby clothes wash and today we are picking up our travel system. All of which he's been a part of. He's been really excited about it all and I think the highlight of the whole weekend has been the way he reacted to @lifewithtinyhumans baby boy Andy. He was smiling up at him and said "mammy look at his tiny little hands". I genuinely had to compose myself because I felt like bursting in to tears right there and then. He's seen tonnes of babies but little Andy had an affect on him (and me). Ever since we announced our news to Billy he has been excited but we hit a little rocky patch a couple of weeks ago where he wasn't directly saying it but his behaviour and emotions seemed to be rejecting the impending change and uncertainty. Yesterday he said to me "mam one of your Coombe treats fell" (referring to one of the snacks I've packed in my hospital bagπŸ˜‚) and it gave me such a laugh. I'm feeling really lucky right now. Seeing the tiny little baby grows Billy wore and imagining them on a new baby is beyond surreal. 6 and a bit weeks to go before 3 becomes 4 and I'm a solid mixture of nerves, gratitude, excitement and joy. It's very special πŸ¦‹

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A Partner’s Perspective

My partner is happy so I am happy. She is flooded with good hormones - that's how she's describing it. But perhaps she's also simply happy about what's happening. Her second-trimester high seems to be extending well into her third trimester, and I am so grateful and surprised to see the experience suits her so well.

She's full of curiosity about her body and what's happening inside. She reads voraciously and describes it to me over the breakfast table.

Our Midwife’s Advice

Your baby's own immune system has started to work, and your baby can make its own antibodies to fight disease. Now is a really good time to make sure you have everything ready for labour. Make sure you have your bag packed and ready to go.

It's a lovely thing to get all the baby's clothes ready. Wash everything in the same non-bio washing detergent. This will ensure everything smells the same for the baby and is nice and gentle on baby's very sensitive skin. If you are doing any meditation and relaxation, have a playlist ready for labour and start listening to it. It will help you remain calm and focused when the big day comes.

If when you wake your wrists and thumbs feel very stiff or you have a lot of pins and needles, it could be Carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a common complaint at this stage.

It's to do with all that fluid, which settles into and gets trapped in your joints and can cause discomfort. Make sure and say if it's really bothering you as you might need physio or to wear wrist splints which can help.

Week 33

Our Wellness Tip of the Week

Like Tracey, try to be mindful this week. You only have a few precious weeks of pregnancy left, so try to enjoy every minute. Mindfulness can also be helpful in bringing you back to the present and reducing stress.

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