Why siblings are the best thing ever

They are your ultimate buddy and partner in crime

Sometimes siblings can be a real pain and a lot of siblings spend a significant amount of time arguing however there is another side to brother and sister hood. Siblings will share a bond whether they will admit it or not and they will always stand by each other though they might not always get along. Here are a few things only siblings will understand, and a sweet look at why siblings are great to have. 
The silly jokes only you get- The time the cat fell into a bucket of water was absolutely hilarious and when Nana farted while trying to get out of her chair the kids fell around laughing. For days it was still funny and others just won’t get it and it is a shared joke between you both. 
Feeling proud of your sibling- The pride the older one gets when their little brother or sister starts school and is playing the perfect older sibling introducing them to their mates showing them how funny their little brother is. 
The annoying way you hate to love them- It is plainly obvious that brothers and sisters love each other but you will never get them to admit it! 
That you can be allies instead of enemies- Think about the trouble siblings can cause when they join up and set about causing chaos at home. One kid is enough to give any parent a headache but two joining forces to get what they want-parents better watch out! 
Being able to finish each other’s sentences- They know each other so well, and in ways the kids are similar and alike at times. They can help each other tell you something because they get what their brother or sister is saying and will try to get you to understand. 
They both have a deep sense of loyalty- It is perfectly ok for a siblings to threaten each other and lash out even but if anyone else dares to threaten my brother or sister that is totally unacceptable! 
They can learn from each other- Before a younger sibling even starts school he will already be in the know thanks to his older brothers or sisters. 
Siblings are the link to their childhood- They will get older and move on in their lives but they will still remember their childhood and having siblings around to reminisce is a great bonus. 
They both have a shared history and just get it- Siblings don’t have to explain to each other why Dad is in a bad mood or why Mam hates rude language
They share a history and no one else can know the stuff they all know about each other and it is sweet that they have that together. 
Written by Emma, Irish mummy blogger and staff writer at  www.familyfriendlyhq.ie 
Check out her own blog at emmasmadjotters.com

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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