The Best Things About Being A Kid!

We all know what it was like to be kids and I think we can all agree that those days were some of the best days of our lives; right?

We all know what it was like to be kids and I think we can all agree that those days were some of the best days of our lives; right?
Kids do have it handy and rightly so in fairness, as adulthood is long and strenuous enough and being a child with little stress is ideal.
Here are some of the best things about being a kid and I am sure you can all relate to them all and consider more too!
  • Presents - Getting presents when you are a kid is amazing and as an adult you look back and think about the best things you got when you were a youngster. Each birthday there was lots of gifts and that’s not forgetting Christmas Day when the house was full of wrapping paper. Those were the days! 
  • No fear - Most kids don’t have any fear and we were no different at that age. You thought yourself invincible, able to climb walls or trees without a care in the world that you might smash yourself into smithereens. Funnily enough parents didn’t worry like they do now, and parents were happy to leave the kids running around like lunatics because it didn’t matter if they fell over as they would get straight back up again. 
  • No worries - To be a kid and not have any little worries like adults do now. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? When you were a kid you never had to fear bills or worry about making the mortgage repayments. It was easier, so much easier. 
  • Holidays - Holidays with the family were memorable events and ones that stay with you forever. Even if you weren’t abroad or at a holiday camp, holidays were a time when schools closed, and kids had ample amounts of time off to play from dawn till dusk.  
  • Playing - Playing with friends is the best feeling in the world and if you had some good ones you would happily spend all your time with them. Playing was the best after all and it was all outside too not like kids today, stuck indoors. 
  • Sleeping in - Now, sometimes you did have to go to school but for most part you could sleep in when you wanted for as long as you wanted. The bleeding joys! 
  • No bills - No bills. Worry gone! Living in a house without fretting about the heating, electricity or the food that you ate. No, you would just take and not give it a second thought. 
  • Pocket money - Sure, a few quid was needed when you were a kid! Ah no not really, now is the time you really need a few euro as adults! But anyway, getting the weekly spends was a genuinely great time. 
  • Being spoilt by Nana and Granddad -  I think when we are all sick we remember the time when you were cared for by your parents or grandparents. How they looked after you so well and spoiled you for days on end when you visited. Them were the days. 
Written by Emma Hayes, Staff Writer, with Family Friendly HQ. 

Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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