New Dads: Here's how your can help your new mama

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When a woman has a baby she feels tired, sore and sometimes emotional and whether she will admit it or not she needs support.
  • Of course their partners will want to help and here are some ways that new Dads can help their partners after she has their baby and doing these will help her but also Dads too. 
  • Make sure the house is ready for the new arrival- Don’t let your partner come home to sink full of dishes, a dusty house or a dirty floor as she will want to clean out but won’t have the energy. So before you collect her and your new arrival do a mini spring clean and have the baby’s bed ready and the pram made up if it isn’t already as your partner may fancy a little walk to show the new arrival off. 
  • Make dinner and try to get your partner to eat well - A takeaway is fine when you are both exhausted but you will have to cook a meal eventually and offer to do it and let your partner rest in between baby feeds. 
  • Give her some “me time”- Give her time to get a shower, go for a walk if she likes or read the paper as she still needs time for herself even if it is just a few minutes, every minute matters. 
  • Be as supportive as possible- Try to avoid arguing between yourselves and remember that you are both extremely tired and it is better to stick together than divide and go against each other. You don’t have to agree with each other all the time but certainly work together to be the best parents you can be to your new baby. 
  • Pull in family to help her- You will have to return to work at some stage and consider asking family members to call into your partner if she likes and help her if she needs it. Especially if you are working late and won’t be home till the end of the day and your wife will be alone and may not get a chance to cook a meal or wash herself. 
  • Forget about your hobbies for now! – For the first few weeks when your partner is at home with the baby and she is still sore and exhausted so knock hobbies on the head and spend the extra time with your new family. It won’t last forever and your wife will be grateful for your sacrifice and it is only for a few weeks till things settle down and then you and your wife can take up your individual hobbies again and rotate. 
  • Help with the night feeds- You may have to get up and work but the odd night it is nice if you do a night feed and let your wife sleep if possible. Of course you have to work the next day and it isn’t easy but nor is it being at home with a new baby all day so a little give and take is required here. 
  • Let her have a lie in on your days off- You have two days off in a week and make it a rule between yourselves that someone gets a lie in on a Saturday and the other person on a Sunday. That way you both have it to look forward to and won’t begrudge each other if someone always gets a lie in. 
Best of luck with your new baby. 


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