Bribing Kids: We've all done it, so let's discuss the most affordable options

When your child goes from Jekyll to Hyde in 5 mins you need to know what’s going to calm them down with minimal damage to your bank balance.

When your child goes from Jekyll to Hyde in five minutes flat you need to know what’s going to calm them down with minimal damage to your bank balance.

Here’s 8 options:
Hot foot it to your nearest newsagent and let your little one grab a comic for themselves. If there’s a free toy then that’s double the amusement. You can even get a mag for yourself to enjoy during nap time.
No doubt you’ve got some goodies in their change bag but an apple or a cracker might not do the trick. If you head to the baby section in your nearest store then there are shelves of brightly packaged healthy options for them to choose from.
Book from the library
Libraries are a great place to go to let them browse to their hearts content. You can let them get a stack of books and they’ll be none the wiser that no money had to be handed over.
Balloons are a brilliant way to change their mood in minutes. Let them pick out their favourite character and proudly show it off to all the passers by. Just make sure it’s tightly secured to something…
What is it with kids and stickers? They love them! Best news is that they’re cheap as chips and they’ll keep them occupied for hours (okay maybe minutes). Unfortunately you’ll find them all over the house but thankfully they’ll peel off most things easily.
Item of clothing that they need
Children grow out of clothes super quick and there’s always something that you’re on the look out for. If you need something to cheer them up let them pick out a new top safe in the knowledge that they needed it anyway.
Anything from a discount store
The safest place to go if you want something cheap and cheerful is the Euro store. You can let them pick whatever they like without worrying that they’ll select the most expensive item in the shop.
Bubbles are endlessly fascinating for children and you can easily find bottles branded with their favourite film. They’ll put a smile on their face and only set you back a euro or two.

Written by Irish mummy blogger and staff writer at www.familyfriendlyhq.ieJennie.
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