Are you raising a drama queen?

You may be familiar with being told "you don't love me"

Drama queens are not new to this world and they can sometimes manipulate or blow simple situations right out of proportion!
Here are some signs that you are raising a drama queen and a few tips to reign in their diva-like behaviour.
  • Drama queens are often described by others as spirited, lively and incredibly fun children, which can make for a lot of work for parents! And while these kids are fun they are also very demanding. Melodrama is their middle name and if you have had other children before having a drama queen is a huge shock to the system. You will often look at your own parenting skills and possibly blame yourself. In most cases, children who possess drama queen behaviour are simply born this way in the same way kids can be shy or unassuming. 
  • In other cases, parents can cause drama queen behaviour by being sulky or a perfectionist parent, and your kiddie mirrors your behaviour and learns from it. Sometimes a parent can be a drama queen themselves and your child may copy your emotional manipulation and become a commander of influencing their parents to bow to their every need.
  • Drama queens will take offence with little things that (to other kids) wouldn’t matter and make a big debacle and cause arguments in a few minutes. You may be familiar with sayings of “you don’t love me!”, “you are making me sad” or “everyone hates me” which is basically pressuring you to stop whatever you are doing and remind them of how much you adore them. These little ones will use their emotions to get attention, to gain power over you and for revenge or avoidance purposes. 
  • As a parent, the best way of going forward and easing the drama queen antics is to be consistent and try not to be emotionally manipulated however hard it is. Recognise that your child is attention seeking, and feeling anxious and stressed which can lead them to want to drag everyone down rather than deal with the situation themselves. Scale the problems your child moans about! For instance, if their shoe is a little loose be clear and ask your child “is that the worst thing ever?” Ignore your child’s bad behaviour based on drama queen related issues and don’t bow to their every demand. Leave them to cool down in their room and remind them that having a meltdown at their older age is unacceptable, especially over such silly things. Reward your child when he/she does behave well and doesn’t have a tantrum when things aren’t going their way. 
Remember that while drama queens can be a lot of work that they can learn and that rather than bend over backwards for them to avoid meltdowns, teach them what the best way to behave is. Usually drama queens are funny, likeable and memorable characters so it isn’t all bad news, as family and friends will comment how great your nipper is but little do they know the inner drama queen! 

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