6 things parents are guilty of doing

It can be difficult to avoid but they are not doing us any favours

Parents have a lot to deal with as everyone knows but sometimes parents don’t do themselves any favours. There are things that a parent does that they probably shouldn’t. They are by no means big things but if you find yourself relating to any of these below you may need to change!
  • Listening to other people’s opinions- You can be your own person and decide what is best for your child as you are their parent. Sometimes parents can become overloaded with unsolicited advice and you may feel compelled to follow up on it but you should decide yourself and not follow what others say for fear of been ridiculed. 
  • Doing your kids homework- Sure, the kids are tired after school and yes, they do wreck your head when they are doing their homework but you are not helping the situation by giving them the answers or by doing it for them. Kids will need to learn how to do their own work and by themselves and you cannot be doing a teenager’s homework in the future so cut it out now or pay the price later!
  • Over schedule your kid- Of course you want your nipper to take part in activities and to enjoy doing stuff outside of school but you can also run the risk of over scheduling your kiddie. Children should have ample free time to play without rules or structure and to just be themselves. That’s not to say a child shouldn’t do extra-curricular activities but if your nipper is going from one place to another you may want to re-evaluate it. 
  • Obsess over everything- Parenting is the hardest thing in the world to do but that doesn’t mean you need to spend your time obsessing over every little thing in regards to your child’s life. Yes, your kid will make friends and lose them, your kid may feel sad or lonely but also feel happy at times. Let things take their course and support your child but don’t spend every waking hour worrying because in most cases kid’s problems are sorted easily. 
  • Comparing yourself to others- Here is the thing you are who you are and no one should every want to change that. You may not be the “baker” mammy or the “sporty” mam but that doesn’t make you any less as important. Your kid loves you and your talents or lack of and remember everyone has their skills. 
  • Fighting with your partner- It isn’t easy raising kids and you will have some cross words with your partner, you may feel pressured like any mother or undervalued. However, these things should be sorted and not argued about for days or weeks! Rather than wasting your valuable time arguing face the problem head on and tell your partner how you feel, he may not have even noticed! The kids will be happier too for it as no one likes to listen to their parents argue over tedious things like who left the dishes in the dishwasher. If there is an issue in your family face it and deal.
Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer at Family Friendly HQ


Emma Hayes

Emma Hayes is a busy mum to two girls aged 17 and 11 and is married to her childhood sweetheart.

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