5 things you'll get if your child ever wore a cast

We're sure every parent goes through this

Week Two of three year old in a cast has commenced. To be honest it's a bit of a miracle that he hasn't found himself in one sooner. Absolute serial jumper, climber and general gives-parents-ten-heart attacks-a-day kind of kid. He's a thrill seeker and this time it ended with a trip to A&E. 
We're still not quite sure whether it's a break or fracture. More will be revealed when we go back to the clinic this week. But something is amiss and he's wearing a cast that goes up as far as his knee. 
I'd be lying if I said it wasn't cute. Or at least it was for about an hour. Then I started panicking about how on earth we would manage with an already wild three year old who is now limited in how he can move. 
Here are some of this week's realities 
  • The nurse told us that he can't put any weight on the cast and should NEVER attempt to walk on the cast or it will not work. This is literally impossible. Plain and simple. He's now progressed to running with it on and I am a nervous wreck.
  • Casts are FILTHY. The clean and shiny cast that was once a beautiful shade of white. now resembles a mix of grey, black and brown due to it being dragged and pulled around the floor (before he graduated to walking and running). It's a bit like watching your child wear a violently filthy sock. A sock with their toes popping out. But you can't put a clean one on. Vile.
  • Toilet trips are an interesting affair. Our newly toilet trained three year is fiercely independent in the toilet department. He likes “to do myself” when it comes to all things toilet. We've had to carry him to and from the toilet and he's not impressed about the fact that he can't “do stand up wee wee”. A minor thing but when it happens ten times a day it's a little draining.
  • It's a bit like caring for an elderly person. His bath now involves sitting on a chair in the shower while I hose him down. He did get a great laugh out of us putting a plastic bag on the cast though. 
  • The usual playground and garden fun is off-limits. This usually leads to more crankiness, more treats and a LOT more patience required from us parents.
Roll on 6 weeks eh? 


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