3 Reasons To Show Your Child’s Teacher Some Love On World Teachers’ Day

Did you know that World Teachers’ Dayis held annually on October 5th?

This year, October 5th is a Saturday and so it will be celebrated on Monday 7th October. Like most celebrations in school staffrooms, it will be toasted with a lukewarm coffee and, time-permitting, wolfing down something sweet before rushing back to class at break time.

Nevertheless, it is an important day to acknowledge and to celebrate, here are three reasons to show your child’s teacher some love:

A teacher is the most important asset to your child’s learning.

This goes without saying and seems like an obvious point to make but the teacher is often forgotten with the discussions and debates around curriculum change, technology in the classroom and the politics around education.

According to the OECD (2016), after socio-economic factors; a teacher and what they do in the classroom has the greatest impact on student achievement. This is mirrored by a plethora of other research. In short, your child’s teacher is vital to their success.

Cup on desk
Like most celebrations in school staffrooms, World Teacher's Day will be toasted with a lukewarm coffee and, time-permitting, wolfing down something sweet before rushing back to class at break time.

They care about your child.

What keeps teachers awake at night? Thoughts like “Mary was
quiet today, I wonder if everything is okay with her”? or “John is really
struggling with his maths, I wonder would I be over-reacting to request an
assessment on his learning needs”? or “Sarah came to school with no lunch
again, what should I do”?

I recently attended and ran a workshop at Féilte, an event run by the Teaching Council for teachers to share best practice. One of the keynote speakers was Andy Hargreaves, a global researcher in education.

He made the point that “teaching is an emotional practice” and that the public doesn’t see the full duties and responsibilities that teachers hold.

For me, a huge part of this is the worry for your students. You have 30 of them in front of you and you want them to do well, to be okay and to be happy.

It is heart-breaking when there are things going on in their lives that are upsetting. Sometimes, it can feel like such a burden. I speak from experience when I say that these things can keep teachers up at night. Why?

Because they care about your child and have their best interests
at heart.

They love you!

One of the best parts of the job can be meeting your student’s parents or guardians. I especially enjoy getting the opportunity for a proper chat at parent-teacher meetings.

It is so enjoyable to meet a student’s parents – you get to see where they got that dimple on their chin, their love for art or their sense of humour. When you meet your student’s parents you can pick out the quirks that they share and it feels so personal to get a glimpse into their home lives and family.

So there you have it, three reasons to show your child’s teacher some love on Monday 7th October.

P.S. Teachers love chocolate… just sayin’.

Ciara McGuane

Ciara is a former teacher and school leader working as an education consultant in the UK & Ireland.

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