Mum's Best Tips & Tricks For Encouraging Healthy Eating

SPONSORED: We’ve all had those mealtime meltdowns where no matter what we put on the table, the kids will simply not eat it....

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Struggling to encourage your child to eat healthy foods? Need a few tips? You’re in the right place!
We’ve all had those mealtime meltdowns where no matter what we put on the table, the kids will simply not eat it. It could have been a favourite last week, but for some reason, this week it’s the yukkiest thing ever! With that in mind, we thought we would share some relatively easy tips and tricks for encouraging your little ones to eat well.

1.    Don’t Talk About It Too Much

Try not to make it too big of a deal that you are introducing a new food or cooking a new healthy meal. If you don’t mention that the pasta is now brown, rather than white, chances are the children won’t notice the difference. Make small healthy changes and keep schtum!

2.    Don’t Buy Rubbish

You are the person who brings the food into the home. You put it in the trolley – either virtually or in reality, not the children. So buy the food that you want the children to eat, like vegetables, brown bread and fruit, and leave the rest in the aisles. If it’s not there to eat, they can’t eat it!

3.    Sneak Attack

If you’re really struggling with upping the veggie intake, then you could always sneak a few extras into sauces. If you’re happy to make your own pasta sauce, just sauté some onions with garlic, passata, basil, chopped carrots, celery, peppers and any other veg you have hanging about. Once all the veg has cooked and softened, just blitz with a hand blender. Add pasta and job done!

4.    Adjust Your Attitude

Understand that it’s what your child eats over time that’s important. Having the occasional treat, like popcorn at the cinema, or ice-cream on a sunny day, is perfectly fine and one of the real joys of childhood. As long as you have balance, all will be fine.

5.    Hero Worship Works

A little hero worship can work wonders. If your little one is struggling with a particular food, maybe tell a small fib about how their favourite singer or athlete is a huge fan of said food. The main reason we love broccoli so much is that we heard Lionel Messi is a fan… allegedly!
On that note, we are so excited to tell you about the cool new campaign from Beko, which encourages healthy eating in a fun way for children.

They have launched their Eat Like A Proinitiative to show children what their heroes eat, so they can make healthy food exciting, and hopefully encourage them to eat like their heroes! They have partnered with FC Barcelona, to show children what top players in the world eat every day in order to perform at their best.

And with their wide range of appliances featuring smart and helpful technologies to deliver healthy food at its best, they are proud to support families all around the world.

For more information on helping children eat healthier, visit

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