5 MUST TRY dinner hacks for the time poor parent

Honestly you will wonder why you never tried these before

We've been here before and a lot of you found the tips really useful. We are back this time with more time saving dinner hacks which will help you get a decent dinner on the table without too much stress. Anything that saves time and gets something healthy in to their bellies is always a good thing in our book. 
Do you have any to add? 
  • Boil the vegetables in the same pot as the pasta if you are making a pasta dish. For example – last night's dinner was pasta, pesto and carrots. A favourite of our toddlers. To save time and to avoid washing two pots I chopped the carrots up quite small and popped them in to the same pot as the pasta. Both cooked in the same amount of time and I simply drained the water and added the pesto. One pot to clean and happy full bellies after. Win win.
  • Making chips from scratch? When you've chipped the potatoes lay them flat on a plate and microwave for 8 minutes. You can then put them straight in to the air-fryer or oven and you'll have healthy home-made chips that don't take an hour to cook. 15-20 minutes should do it.
  • Use a pizza cutter to cut everything. It is especially handy for herbs but works really well for piping hot chicken, fish, potato and vegetables which need to be portioned for the little ones. No more burnt fingers as you try cut them in a panic. The pizza cutter does it much easier. You are welcome.
  • Tired of buying full bunches of fresh herbs only to use a teaspoon and dump the rest? Chop the whole packet up and freeze them in the compartments of your ice cube tray with a little water. Simply drop a cube in to the dish when you need to use that herb in a recipe. Works well for Parsley, Basil and Coriander. The same can be said for wine. If you have some leftover wine (imagine!) pour 100ml in to a sandwich bag and freeze. It takes up little room in your freezer and you just cut the bag open and drop the frozen wine in to the frying pan where it melts immediately. Think about how many recipes call for 100ml of red or white wine.
  • Did you ever find a recipe that calls for breadcrumbs but you can't bare to pull out the food processor? Crush up some Cheerios with the back of a spoon. They work just as well and chances are we all have them in the press. Try it! 


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