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Water Babies

Water Babies – Lets teach you to teach your baby to swim! 
At Water Babies, we teach you to teach your baby to swim. So together, we’ll teach your child to feel safe and confident both above and below the water. You’ll be amazed that within a few lessons they’ll be moving freely under the water. Babies can start as young as carer's are comfortable getting them started but they must be under 12 months when starting. The youngest we had start was just 10 days old!
Water Babies are the leading baby swim school in Ireland and have been awarded Best National Mum & Baby Activity and Best National Baby and Pre-Schooler Developmental Activity over the past three years. Our multi award winning programme is designed to make the most of your babies’ natural affinity with water: 
  • Teaching confidence and safety techniques from birth – because we only use warm-water pools, babies can start with us from birth – 2 days was our youngest! 
  • Most tiny clients, having started the classes less than 12 months old, are confidently swimming short distances by the age of two
  • We save lives! We know that more than a dozen Water Babies have used their skills to survive after accidentally falling into water even though they were very young.
Our classes are great fun and full of energy with lots of singing, games and stimulation. We teach all the core principles of swimming and water safety in a very baby friendly way. The programme is split into ten week chapters starting at Chapter 1 going up to Chapter 14. The benefits of getting your baby in the water are huge, not only do we teach the babies to be confident in the water we teach them important principles of water safety. We also give you the confidence and skills to teach you to teach your baby to swim. It is also a great opportunity for you to meet and socialize with other mums and dads with babies of the same age. 
Please call your local Water Babies office on the numbers below or visit and get pencilled in for the next term:
Leinster (Dublin, Kildare, Meath, Louth) 01 824 9987
West (Limerick, Galway & Sligo) 086 792 4688
South East (Wexford, Waterford, Kilkenny, Carlow, Tipperary) 051 397 444
South (Cork & Kerry) 021 242 8426