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Top Gifts for Father’s Day: We've got him sorted!

Top Gifts for Father’s Day: We've got him sorted!

Dad opening his Father's Day present
Buying the ideal Father's Day gift for Dad can be a near impossible task!
Remember all the times good old Dad taught you how to ride a bike or that first weekend fishing trip with just the two of you, or the father- daughter talks where the memories want to make you want to smile and cry all at the same time? We really do owe our Dad's a lot for all the have done for us.
Or maybe you want to say thank you to your husband for being such a super Dad to your kids!

Now, we are sure Dad will be very appreciative no matter what her gets for Father's Day, and we know it’s always simple to take the easy way out with a tie, socks or coffee mug... But this year we asked DID Electrical to come up with their list of Top 10 ideas for Father's Day gifts and they've included some super stuff! Some of the more expensive items could be purchased among siblings to make it more afforable for each. These choices are all great and will really make his gift something really special!
This handy gift guide includes the perfect gifts for every type of dad, from the acction and fitness dad, to the music fanatic or the obsessed TV aficionado. We've even included links to each for more information!

Philips AquaTouch Wet & Dry Electric Shaver €69.99
Help Dad get a clean close shave every time with the AquaTouch Wet and Dry Electric Shaver from Philips. With the Aquatec Wet & Dry Dad can enjoy a refreshing wet shave giving him smooth skin every day.
The Block Bluetooth portable speaker wirelessly connects to his tablet, laptop, Android or Blackberry so he'll always have his music at hand.  It’s compact and will give him up to six hours of on the move. He'll have all the music control he can handle!
4ife 4K Smart TV Box €149.99 
The 4K Smart TV Box is an innovative multimedia centre with an Android based operating system that allows him to play and view content without monthly subscriptions. Just plug in and he can discover a whole world of entertainment, TV shows, sporting events, browse the web and also gives him access to the massive Google Play Store and much much more...
Steepletone Chichester 2 Retro Dark Wood Music Centre  €169.99  
This is a gadget that interestingly merges modern and retro sensibilities. As the name implies, the Steepletone Chichester II Nostalgic Record Player with Radio CD & Cassette Player is perfect for him if he has a heart for old-fashioned, novelty items.
Got an Action Dad? Make the GoXtreme WiFi View part of his action – it is just for any situation: His spot, his position, his feeling … He's in total control: Whether he is up for spectacular stunts or gliding at dizzy heights – with the ultra compact remote control he decides which moment counts and he can switch spontaneously from video to photo at a click. He'll never miss a moment!
Prestige Digital Coffee Maker  €34.99  
The Prestige Deco Digital Coffee Maker comes in a black and chrome design giving Dad an approximate 12-16 cup capacity making this retro inspired coffee machine a stylish addition and a must in the morning”
Samsung White 7" 8GB Tab 4  €164.99 
The Samsung Galaxy Tab® 4 offers Dad endless entertainment options. The new Multi User Mode, brilliant display and lightweight design make this tablet easy to use and difficult to put down. He can watch his movies come to life and take or take his games to the next level on the 7“ display.
Sennheiser Rechargeable Wireless Headphones €119.99  
Matched with exceptional bass response, these are ideal for TV applications and all music types. It also provides outstanding comfort while its unique “easy recharge” function makes charging a breeze. He'll experience a world of premium quality and total freedom of sound.
4ife Soundbar System & Subwoofer  €79.99 
“Enhance your living room with the 4ife Sonic-Sub. Combine the simplicity of the Sound-bar with the sound quality of the bass to give you a truly enriching sound environment. The sub-woofer that accompanies the Sound-bar will add a dynamic and rich bass sound to your listening experience, offering you a discreet and affordable home theater solution
Garmin Forerunner 10 Black and Red GPS Fitness Watch €129.99 
Is Dad a runner? Forerunner 10 is a GPS running watch that tracks his distance, speed/pace and calories. It also identifies his personal records and provides motivation along the way!