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Saggart, Co.Dublin
Come visit us at Luggwoods to experience the the most authentic Christmas experience in Ireland.
Luggwoods has a rustic old time feeling which creates a warm and simplistic environment with nature and real people with real Christmas Spirit. 
All aboard the Luggwoods Express 
Be greeted by the Luggwoods fairy tale characters who will  sing, laugh and dance with the children  before accompanying them to the Luggwoods Express. 
Take a trip through The Luggwoods Enchanted Forest
The magical journey begins when you enter the beautiful enchanted Luggwoods forest in the majestic rustic foothills of the Dublin mountains!  Santa’s Elves will guide you through the mystical forest with twinkling lights and history all around, you will see where the Luggwoods fairies live and also meet the grumpy Mr Grinch along the way.   
Jump off the Train at the Luggwoods Barns 
 A Big Red Farmyard Barn full of Christmas delights. Here you will be greeted by Mrs Claus and Santa’s elves.  You  will hear the story of Luggwoods,  meet the reindeers,  dance in Santa’s barns and meet the elf on the shelf.  Take photos with your family and make memories to cherish forever.   
Then to meet the main man!!!  
Meet the real Santa Claus with a personal visit for just your family together and of course he has a present for all the boys & girls.  Professional photos are available with Santa himself or on his Giant wooden Luggwoods sleigh.
Sit back and relax...
Sit back and enjoy the final part of your Luggwoods journey. Lots of entertainment available for kids as well as their free hot chocolate.  Don’t worry, there is lots of treats also available for the Big Kids or Mammies & Daddies as Santa likes to call them!!  Then enjoy the ride back through the enchanted forest. You will take in extraordinary views of Dublin as the sea of lights twinkles below. 
Santa invites you to visit him in Luggwoods for an unforgettable authentic Christmas feeling like no other. 
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