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How to Make Chocolate Brownies In a Jar

How to Make Chocolate Brownies In a Jar

Most people love chocolate and it’s hard to go wrong gifting a jar of brownies! These jars are quick and easy to assemble, and great to give as gifts (but do keep a jar for yourself too!!).
  • 1 1/2 cups plain flour
  • ½ Cup cocoa powder
  • 2 cups chocolate pieces (dark tastes best)
  • ½ tsp baking powder
  • Cup Marshmallows
  • ½ cup castor sugar
  • 200 g butter
  • 3 eggs
  • Preheat the oven to 180°C/160°C fan-oven. Grease a 3cm-depth, 20cm x 30cm tin. 
  • Line the tin with greaseproof paper leaving a longer amount at either end. 
  • Melt the butter and cool for 10 mins. 
  • Add eggs and mix together. 
  • Add ingredients from jar & mix together. 
  • Mix together thoroughly. 
  • Pour into tin & cook for 35 minutes. 
  • Cool in tin and cut into portions. 
How to assemble the jar:
Sieve flour and baking powder and transfer into the jar. Pour in the (sieved) cocoa powder and then pour in your sugar to make cute stripe effect. 
Pop you chocolate pieces and finish off with marshmallows. 
It is a nice idea to put a label around the jar with twine or a ribbon with your message and method how to make.