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Giant Twix Bar Recipe

Giant Twix Bar Recipe

TWIX is one of our all time favourite chocolate bars! 
Here's how to make a simple GIANT TWIX BAR using only 3 ingredients without having to bake anything!
What’s better than a snack of crumbly biscuit, covered in sweet caramel and blanketed in chocolate? A supersized version of course!
  • 375g good quality milk chocolate
  • 1 bag of Werther’s original chewy caramels
  • 30 shortbread biscuits to fit a loaf tin
  • Mini Twixes – these aren’t for the recipe – they’re just for proportion (and to eat)
  • It’s essentially a layering job. After lining your loaf tin, you pour in melted chocolate 1cm thick.
  • After that has set, you melt the caramel for 90 seconds in the microwave and spoon on top. Then, add one layer of shortbread biscuits.
  • Following another quick blast in the fridge to set, you add another layer of caramel and biscuits, before topping with more melted chocolate.
  • Then, you leave to set for two hours in the fridge. Before, adding a final coating of chocolate. Why? Because it needs more chocolate!
This giant Twix recipe is originally from Elise at MyCupcakeAddiction and is perfect for chocoholics who like quick results- because it only involves three ingredients and no actual baking. Here's a tutorial on exaclty how to make it: