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Autumn Activities for Free

Autumn Activities for Free

Autumn family activities
Autumn with kids!
Traditionally, the season of autumn is of harvest time. Most of the season vegetables and fruits are now ripe and ready. Though farming has changed somewhat, this is still the traditional time of celebration that sees the harvest of crops for the coming winter. The days will become shorter, and the often overcast days will have a gloomy chill.

But this doesn't mean there still isn't loads of great free kid’s activities on your doorstep! It’s still mild enough to go outside and enjoy the day with lots of fun autumn season things to do.

Here are our favourite outdoor activities:
Visit your local park, forest or national heritage park. Parks at this time of year are full of trees bursting with seeds, with beautiful red, orange and golden leaves. Visit your local park to see the season changes that you might not be aware of while living in the city. The leaves will also be beginning to fall and kids can have a laugh running through the brown crispy leaves, or collecting the bright coloured ones to bring home.
Chestnut trees will be dropping their spiky round seed pods which kids can collect, tear open their skins, and play the famous finger-smashing conker game. There’s still plenty of birdlife and wildlife around this year, and now is the time when animals are storing up their fat for the long cold winter. You can play a bird watching game to see which birds (like geese) are flocking for migration or which species are sticking around for winter.
Go on a nature forest walk. In wooded areas, nature walks are fun way to enjoy a crisp autumn day. Make a list of all the things you hope to spot and let the kids loose into the woods, marking off their finds with a pen. At this time of year spiders are making enormous webs, there are lots of bramble bushes with delicious blackberries you can collect, eat and even make blackberry jam. Other fruits, like sloe berries and crab apples are also plentiful.
Like chestnut trees, oaks and other Irish native trees are also sprinkling their seeds on the autumn floor. See if the kids can find the acorn seeds belonging to the oaks, or the ‘helicopter’ shaped seeds of the sycamore.  Watch for squirrels collecting nuts, or see if they can find mushrooms and fungus growing on the base of trees (don’t pick or eat!). Once the kids have marked off all on their nature trail list, treat them to a misty moody autumn outdoor picnic with a hot flask and sandwiches.