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Cheeky Squeaks Baby Massage, Pregnanc, Baby and Toddler Yoga

Cheeky Squeaks Baby Massage, Pregnanc, Baby and Toddler Yoga

Rathfarnham, Co.Dublin
Offering Pregnancy Yoga, Infant Massage, Baby Yoga and Toddler Yoga the aim of our warm friendly classes is for you and your little one to connect and have fun whilst enjoying the developmental benefits

Join us at the beginning of your journey for rejuvenating, relaxing Pregnancy Yoga classes designed to help you achieve a feel good pregnancy leading to positive birth, find time to relax, focus on you and connect with others in your area on the same path

After your bundle arrives enhance your connection with your baby at our baby classes. Socialising with other mums is so important and one of our key focuses is creating an environment that allows time for interaction ensuring you can ask questions, seek advice and share experiences, or just quietly enjoy your cuppa and a treat

Our instructor Cara is a bubbly, friendly mother of 2 young children and is qualified with The International IAIM, BMI, Birthlight, The Elbow Room and Yoga Alliance

Classes are held in a tranquil, comfortable, baby friendly venue at the foot of the Dublin Mountains on Stocking Lane, Rathfarnham, D16

Pregnancy Yoga
Physically and mentally supporting you through pregnancy and preparing for birth offering gentle strengthening along with breathwork and calming visualisations

Other benefits include:
  • Increases energy and stamina
  • Relives fatigue, nausea and back pain
  • Enhances blood supply, reduces fluid retention
  • Improves posture, balance and pelvic floor function
  • Relaxation at the end of each class is always a big hit with mums-to-be
Suitable: 12 weeks - birth
Classes: Tuesday evenings - €90 for 6 sessions
Infant Massage
A beautiful way to bond with your baby and create precious memories of your earliest days together
Benefits include:
  • Interaction - Bonding, nurturing touch, communication, quality time, respect
  • Relief - Colic, wind, constipation, muscular tension, gastrointestinal cramps, excess mucus, Growing Pains
  • Stimulation - Circulatory, respiratory, digestive and nervous systems, growth
  • Relaxation - Sleep, calmness/self calming, reduction of stress levels, higher levels of anti stress hormones
Suitable: Birth – 12 months
Classes: Friday Mornings - €125 for 5 sessions

Baby Yoga

FUN! As baby grows help them towards their development milestones through fun movements and song

Benefits include:
  • Strengthening body, stimulation of all senses and enhances parent/baby communication 
  • Improved digestion, colic relief and improves sleep patterns
  • Helps babies move from reflex to voluntary movements, increases babies' abilities to cope with future challenges
  • Development of the brain and nervous system
Suitable: 12 weeks to 18 months
Classes: Friday Mornings - €100 for 5 sessions

Toddler Yoga

The fun continues! Using songs and rhymes alongside plenty of movement, toddler yoga is designed to support the transition from babyhood to more developed forms of self-expression through movement. Much of the class is done through story telling capturing little imaginations and keeping interest

Benefits include:
  • Sustains loving and playful contact, communication between parent and child 
  • Provides a positive shared routine through what can be a challenging time tackling tantrums and boundary testing
  • Opportunity for parents to exercise and have fun with their children
Suitable: 18 months to pre-school Classes: Friday Afternoons - €60 for 5 sessions 
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