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You Know You're In An Irish Maternity Hospital When.....

You Know You're In An Irish Maternity Hospital When.....

pregnant woman and doctor
Do you find yourself nodding along as a friend or family members references their maternity care? Trade-mark experiences and rituals that you can relate to, even if it was many years ago? There are some fundamentally Irish things that happen in those four walls and you might just find yourself nodding along to some of these.
  • You simply have to factor an extra hour of planning in when it comes to getting to your appointment. One of Ireland's biggest and busiest maternity hospitals and there is NEVER any parking. You're already having images of being dropped off in labour while the other half circles the surrounding area looking for some on-street!
  • It doesn't matter how many nice restaurants you've been to. Not even Michelin Star could live up to the tea and toast that one is served after giving birth, It's just toast and butter but it's SO MUCH MORE and you can't quite put your finger on it. It's a little taste of heaven and quite frankly, the nicest morsel of food that has ever touched your lips.
  • The floors on your ward get washed at about 6am and this is considered absolutely normal. Two days in and you've adjusted well. You're even on first name bases with the cleaner.
  • It is surprisingly common to shut ones curtains and hide your partner to avoid the security man who is asking people to leave due to visiting hours coming to an end. You're both behind the curtain, cooing over your newborn and feeling like a criminal hiding from the guards.
  • One door for all. It doesn't matter if it's your very first scan, a post-natal check up or you're in full blown labour – everyone uses the same door. You sit there at your appointments somewhere between wishing you'll see someone in labour and praying that you don't.
  • They've drilled it in to you at your pre-natal appointments but there will still be tonnes of people who arrive with a suitcase more suitable for a week in Spain.
  • It is normal for twenty five people to be given the same appointment time. An appointment is in fact a day in the hospital.
  • It's a friendly place where fellow pregnant ladies will spread the good word about hacks such as “grab a few pee cups and do it at home before you come in to save you queuing to use the hospital toilet”. 
Written by Tracey Quinn, staff writer with Family Friendly HQ