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Warning issued over the use of this popular Christmas decoration

Warning issued over the use of this popular Christmas decoration

Warning issued over the use this popular Christmas decoration
The festive season is just around the corner and many people are no doubt thinking about getting the decorations out of storage, maybe picking up new bits as they go along.
However, when it comes to decorating the home, it is vital you think safety first, especially when it comes to anything to do with lights.
In fact, a warning has been issued over the use of outdoor Christmas lights, as experts fear that they could pose a real danger to households. 
Gabriel Byrne of Fantasy Lights issued the warning after it was discovered that many lights sold in this country are not suitable for the Irish climate. 
Explaining that many sold here are marketed as being suitable for both indoor and outdoor, Gabriel said that they pose a real danger if they are plugged into a transformer that is outside. 
"Not only are these lights and decorations usually unsuitable for our climate in many cases, but they also represent a real danger to the user if the transformer is plugged in out of doors," he said according to the Independent
"The rule of thumb for outdoor lighting is if there are pins on the plugs, keep them indoors.
"If you are using outdoor lighting, then you must use specific low-voltage outdoor transformers, which are weatherproof, IP-rated, hardwired, and use rubberised cables."
When it comes to buying outdoor lights, Gabriel advises that householders are to make sure lights are from the same manufacturer and are of the same standard. 
"I have seen instances of people putting transformers and extension cables in plastic bags to shield them from the elements, which is extremely dangerous when dealing with what is high-voltage electricity in a damp environment."