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Want to get your kids off devices? Try these things

Want to get your kids off devices? Try these things

Getting kids off their devices
Kids love nothing more than sitting on devices and while there is no harm in using them now and again, too much is never a good thing. There are so many things that kids can do instead and while they may not be overly impressed it must be done so that they get a rest from games and the internet. Here are a few suggestions to get the nippers off devices. 
  • Read- Reading is beneficial to children and while not all children like to read it should be encouraged from a young age. For younger kids, reading to them is a great way to get them interested in reading. As the kids get older, join the library and bring them to book events to get them into reading. 
  • Play games outside- Grab your balls or frisbees and take yourselves outside for some outdoor fun. Playing outside is fun and it is good for you too! 
  • Board games- Board games are as popular as ever and rightly so as they are great fun. Depending on your child’s preference they can play sticky messy games or play more brainy board games. It really doesn’t matter if they are playing and having fun with it. 
  • Do crosswords or sudoku- These are cheap to buy and a lot of hours can be passed doing crosswords or sudokus. They get the brain functioning too and the more you play them, the easier it gets. 
  • Go walking- If the kids are bored and are determined to spend their time on their devices you should get them up and out for a healthy walk. It is refreshing and an hour away from devices is ideal for over tuned in kids. 
  • Visit friends and family- Socialising is vital for kids and all the devices in the world will never help a child’s social skills. Kids should be mixing so instead encourage them to see friends and bring them to visit extended family members. A little one on one and face to face time will drag them from their pit! 
  • Have movie time- Yes, I know it is still screens but having a movie night is different from sitting alone on a device while everyone sits and enjoys time together. Movie time means everyone gets to sit together and chat while watching a movie. 
  • Do jigsaws or build Lego- Kids love doing jigsaws and they can take days to complete. They offer a respite from the usual tech devices and are relaxing. Building Lego is ideal for younger children and once again it is relaxing and uses their brains to get the buildings together.
  • Arts and crafts- Not all kids like art but most will enjoy sitting down with coloured paper, pom poms, pipe cleaners and silly eyes etc. They can create anything they like while listening to music. 
  • Baking- Baking is so brilliant with the kids and who doesn’t love making cookies? Teaching your kids how to bake/cook will greatly benefit them in the future too! 
Now, you have the perfect excuse to take their devices away!
Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer at Family Friendly HQ