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TWO of the BEST New Public Playgrounds in Ireland

TWO of the BEST New Public Playgrounds in Ireland

Mungret Inclusive Park Limerick
There are lots of great playgrounds throughout Ireland. We've listed the Top 20 here as regarded by our readers.  
While some playgrounds in our little country are better than others there has been a vast improvement in recent years with many playgrounds being built, revamped and modernised.  However these two that we've discovered in Dublin and Limerick are quite simply amazing! Both are by a company called Kompan.
Tymon Park, Dublin
  • Tymon Park, Tallaght, Dublin
  • Toddlers to 12 year olds
  • Parking close by
  • No toilets
Tymon Park playground was officially opened in April 2017 and is located within the grounds of Tymon Park, Dublin. This is an adventure playground built to suit the natural environment to provide children with unique play opportunities. While the playground has standard play units such as swings, balance beams, stepping pods it also contains unique play equipment that has been specially designed for Tymon Park Playground. The large climbing structures are connected with a rope bridge and tower which provides children with a unique play experience. The playground overlooks the Poddle River and children can cross the river using the cableway, rope net bridge or stepping stones which again provide unique experiences for children. The playground makes use of the natural gradients of the site; there are hill slides and timber steps providing access between levels, whilst the gravel path also provides an accessible route around and between the play areas.
The playground is not fenced but the overall park is fenced. Play equipment is spread throughout a large area including a sand play area and natural play areas with logs and boulders. The park is an ideal location to bring a picnic and enjoy the natural environment as there is lots of free space to enjoy.
Mungret Inclusive Park, Limerick
  • Located in the grounds of Mungret College
  • Toddlers to 12 year olds
  • Parking available next to the playground
  • Toilets available
Mungret Inclusive Park was installed in 2016 with the aim was to create an accessible playground for children of all ages and abilities. The playground offers a wide range of equipment with careful consideration for children with disabilities. While the play area has standard play units such as swings, seesaws, rocking and spinning units it also includes some unique units such as the rope bridge, the suspension bridge and the double cableway. The playground aims to be inclusive for all children. Within the playground there is a wheelchair swing, roundabout and an accessible suspension bridge as well as a quiet zone with seating and signage to allow children who prefer to play alone a space to feel included and secure in. The surfacing is wetpour which is accessible for wheelchair users. The playground is securely fenced with seating within the playground. To further enhance the park an exercise zone was installed close to the playground. The equipment has instruction panels on each unit with and users can download an app to receive guidance on how to use the machines and to record their exercise routines.
With the playground and exercise zone this park is truly worth a visit and with plenty of free space including a walking track this is a destination park and overall there is loads of fun to be had at this playground and provides hours of play which will warrant many return visits.