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Top 10 things that would never get done if mum has a sick day!

Top 10 things that would never get done if mum has a sick day!

mum sick under the covers
One of the things all mums can agree on is that we do not get sick days and when illness strikes, we have to just get on with it no matter what! When the rest of the family gets sick you are the one that minds them and makes sure they rest, take their medicine and are fed and watered.

But when it’s you that gets the flu, though however great your partner may be, there are some things that just have to be done by ‘mum’.
I’m often plagued with a recurring dream: I’m in bed with the flu and  I can barely lift my head up and I’m in a full-blown panic, because I’m sick as a dog but my ‘mum’ responsibilities call.
Like these…
  • Feeding the baby- if you’re a breastfeeding mama let’s just say this is one of the things that Dad certainly can’t do!
  • Dressing the kids ‘properly’– You can spot a tot at a hundred paces that’s been dressed by Dad (sorry Dad’s but it is true!)
  • The house will never clean itself- The dusting, the hoovering, in fact housework in general would never go on anyone else’s agenda. No one else would even see the dirt building up!
  • Proper naps for little ones – Those few hours of sleep during the day are so important! If our little one’s routine is interrupted during the day and they don’t get their zzz’s then it’s carnage for the rest of the day.
  • The shopping- I don’t want to even imagine what would happen if the nappies ever ran out!
  • The laundry- The washing baskets would fill up faster than you can say 'no biological detergent'. There would not be a clean vest, baby grow or bib in the house if mum flu kicked in!
  • The sterilising and the dishwasher loaded and ran – there is nothing worse than opening either and realising they're still full and never ran!
  • Who’s going to be the safety officer? When your tot starts to make an attempt at walking you need eyes on the back of your head and they need constant supervision and chasing after. That kind of thing can’t be done from a sick bed.
  • Who else knows where bunny is? Mum always knows where the bunny/teddy comforter is that will calm an upset or sleepy child in seconds!
  • Bedtime – That last kiss and cuddle from mum and the sound of your soothing voice before slumber is the most important one of the day. It’s the one that sends kids off into the land of nod- for a few hours anyway! If you’re sick it’s best to stay away from snuggle time or you won't be the only patient!
It’s an unwritten rule that mums can’t get sick but let’s face it, it happens and sometimes even we Supermum’s get sick, and when we do everything comes to a halt! That is a fact.
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