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Tips On Having Your Kid’s Friends Over When You Don’t Want To

Tips On Having Your Kid’s Friends Over When You Don’t Want To

Parenting is tough and not everyone finds it as enjoyable as other parents will.
That is perfectly OK and if you are doing the best you can that is what matters.
When it comes to your children’s play dates let’s be honest you may only be able to suffer your own children and that is because you love them!
However, play dates are a big part of kiddie’s lives and managing them is vital so here are a few tips to help you along the way so you don’t lose your marbles...
  • Chat to the kid’s parents - Before you invite a kid over have a chat with their parent to get a good idea of the kiddie and their parent. Some parents don’t like their kids eating sweets or like them playing in mud, so a little chit chat will give you an opportunity to assess what type of parent they are and how you can make the play date a success. 
  • Check for allergies and likes/dislikes -  There are so many allergies and it is important you know about any kid’s allergies if they come into your home. That way there will be no surprises. As for eating ask your child to see what the kiddie likes so they will eat properly. If the kids are too young to discuss such an issue, ask the parent themselves. This way there will be no flicking broccoli onto the floor!
  • Expect madness and mess - It could be madness for a few hours and that is ok. It will also be extremely messy, and this will not please many parents but consider the peace you will have while the kids turn the place upside down! The rest can be cleaned later sure! This isn’t ideal of you are a busy parent, but playdates do get considerably untidy. 
  • Make rules - Before your kiddie has a pal over remind them of the rules. You may not want your kid playing in the sandpit while their pal is over as it may get too messy. It may not be advisable that the kids play with the dog if he is old and likes to sleep! There are many rules you may have, and your child should know them before any friend comes home with them. 
  • Remember it is only for a few hours - It is only a few hours. Repeat after me: It is only for a few hours and this is manageable! Yes, they will wreck the place, they will scream and shout, they will demand huge amounts of fluids and wee in equal measures, but it will be ok. Your kiddie needs to have pals over to improve their social skills so while you berate it. Don’t forget to treat yourself later for your chilled-out approach and have a glass of wine or some chocolate. You do deserve it after all! 
  • Relax it is over until the next time of course! 
Written by Emma Hayes, Staff Writer, with Family Friendly HQ.