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This School Gives Out Free Popcorn If You Pay Fees On Time

This School Gives Out Free Popcorn If You Pay Fees On Time

This School Gives Out Free Popcorn If You Pay Fees On Time
A primary school has come under fire after they decided to reward kids whose parents paid their voluntary contribution, and subsequently punish those who didn’t.
The public school at Bondi, Australia decided to implement the incentive to encourage parents to pay the fees, which range from $436 - $460.$46 is voluntary although the education department in
NSW says all fees should be voluntary.
While the principal Michael Jones is calling it a “fun incentive”, it is putting those kids whose parents maybe don’t have the money to pay earlier, or even at all, in the spotlight.
It’s just opening up the doors for bullying and feelings of isolation. When you’re a child you want to be the same as your friends and seeing them being rewarded for something that is completely out of your control is completely wrong.
And it’s not like half of a class is getting the treat and the other half isn’t. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, in one class just three kids didn’t get popcorn. And in another, just six didn’t.
"It's public shaming of those children," P&C Federation president Susie Boyd said.
"I spoke to a parent whose child, who did receive the popcorn, didn't eat it and felt really bad that they were put into that situation. It was dividing children as young as four-and-a-half.”
What do you think? Is it teaching children that life is not fair, building resistance or is it just putting kids in a vulnerable position for no reason what so ever?