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Things I wish I’d done with the kids when they were younger.

Things I wish I’d done with the kids when they were younger.

Things I wish I’d done with the kids when they were younger.
The years have flown by and my kids are both older now without me realising how time runs ahead of you. Like any busy parent I trundled through the day hoping to get everything done but in hindsight I missed some fundamental moments that I shouldn’t had but there is little I can do about it now. Here are some of the things I wish I’d done with them when they were younger. 

Took more photos- Though we have phones easily now the same wasn’t said fifteen years ago when my first born arrived. There were moments I missed that I recall in my head but have no way to show her and have it for the future. Family occasions have gone by and being the non-photogenic type I refused to get into a lot of photos and sadly people have passed on that I would have loved to have had the memories of a photo to show my kids now. Sadly, my memory must be enough now. 
Spent more time with them- Of course, I was there and I did the best I could but I was busy and spent days catching up on the washing and cleaning rather than bringing them out or just playing with them. It is true that they only stay little for long and you should cherish it but when you are busy working and trying to hold down a home it can be hard to saviour every moment until they are a faded memory. 
Made yearly books- I say it every Christmas that I will get a box for each year and place things symbolic to our year as a family. It is a great idea and imagine the fun in years to come but I still haven’t managed to do one. It could contain cinema tickets, airline tickets or photos and souvenirs and would be a lovely tribute to our family life each year. 
Worried less- I did a lot of worrying like any mother but I shouldn’t have as the little things usually sort themselves out and the bigger things must be lived through to learn. I fretted when the kids were ill, when they started school and when they didn’t have friends but I should have concentrated on them and not the issue at the time. 
Did more family trips- We did lots of things through the years but we also wasted a lot of time arguing and never getting to go anywhere because the kids misbehaved. If I could go back I’d take off anyway with the kids and deal with the screaming in the car! 
Kissed them more- Like it or not your kids get to an age when they don’t want your hugs or cuddles and this is horrifying to realise as you may never have noticed till your kid is in bed tucked in by themselves and asleep. They don’t always need you like the way when they were little so enjoy it while you can. 
Written by Emma Hayes, staff writer at Family Friendly HQ