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Successful Surgery On Five Month Old Who Was CARRYING A Baby!

Successful Surgery On Five Month Old Who Was CARRYING A Baby!

This story is truly remarkable. Prinsa Rathava was born without any complications and was taken home to begin life with her proud parents.
When the baby was a couple of month's old her parents became concerned about a growth on her abdomen that was getting increasingly large.
Medical professionals confirmed that Prinsa's condition was exceptionally rare. In fact there were a mere 200 cases of it reported worldwide.
Prinsa was carrying a foetus. She had a condition called "foetus in foetu".
The cause of this condition is due to the incomplete separation of twins. The other twin then ceases to grow and becomes an internal part of the healthy twin.
Baby Prinsa required a tricky operation to remove the foetus which was nestled between the intestine and both kidneys.
The 130g foetus was removed by a team of six which included two senior anaesthesiologists.
The surgery is said to have been difficult due to the delicate position of the foetus.
Thankfully it ended with perfect results and the baby should go on to live a very normal happy and healthy life.
Written by Tracey Quinn, Staff Writer, with Family Friendly HQ.