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Stacey Solomon 'Feels Guilty' Her Kids Have Different Dads

Stacey Solomon 'Feels Guilty' Her Kids Have Different Dads

Stacey Solomon 'Feels Guilty' Her Kids Have Different Dads
Stacey Solomon admitted in an interview that she felt guilty for having three kids with different fathers.
Stacey a panellist on Loose Women is 29 and pregnant with her third child, her first with partner Joe Swash. She said when talking to Closer that she has faced criticism not only from the public but from people close to her as well.
“There’s a stigma about having babies with different partners. I’ve definitely felt pressure from people, people I don’t know, and even people I do know,” she said.
There’s a lot of social stigma around anything outside the nuclear family, still, in 2019. Despite single parent, separated and mixed families being almost as common as your classic Brady Bunch.
We are told to not ask too many questions when topics like divorce, separation and half siblings come up as if it’s a taboo or too upsetting to talk about. However, for a growing number of people it’s the norm.
Families with more than two parents are nothing new, and no one’s family is perfect. Really the worst possible result is kids being unhappy.
Stacey has said before that her sons are “confident and happy'”, and Joe is a “positive male role model for them.” Shes managing to working as a mother and keeping her kids happy.
If this is the case, then what is there to criticise? Is she meant to stay with old partners in an unhappy household? Kids are not oblivious to tension and they’re easily better off when everyone is feeling healthy and happy. 
It seems almost mad that in 2019 that people are still judged for doing what works for their family, just because it doesn’t fit the mould we were once taught. Some of the best painters are abstract and some of the best parents, have created their own path.
Written by Róise McGagh, Intern at Family Friendly HQ; follow her on Twitter @roisemcgagh