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Showing Our Children The Magic Of Giving This Christmas

Showing Our Children The Magic Of Giving This Christmas

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It's happening. It's here.The lead up to Christmas. It's absolutely without-a-doubt getting earlier and earlier each year but it's Christmas lads. The children are tearing the catalogues apart and discount codes are floating around and sending us in to a sweat because Santa Lists and requests are changing daily. The kids are proudly proclaiming that they are “getting” X, Y and Z this year. As if it's a done deal. In the bag. Happening for SURE.
We all loved the magic of Christmas as children and getting to create that for our own children is magical in itself. We'll settle for a festive themed coffee once the kids are happy because the joy for us is in the giving isn't it? Whether we realize it or not.
I heard a quote in a movie just week and it made me laugh. The character said that “mom's don't enjoy, they GIVE joy”. Very true for parents in general! But really, the joy is in the giving. The giving of this experience. The giving of memories and traditions that will last for decades. Then the giving of actual things. Things that our children have seen on TV and wished for. Things that have appeared under the tree. It's an amazing feeling.
In the midst of all the giving it's easy to lose sight of the fact that for our children it's all about the getting. And that's OK too. They know no different and in their little world this is pretty much the yearly peak of happiness.
There are some things we can do to introduce a bit of the giving element for our children though. Children as young as three can understand the concept of giving. So why not make it part of Christmas this year? Why not show them that Christmas is a time for loving and living. It's a time where they get a lot but it's also important to give. It feels good to give.
It could be something as simple as getting involved in a charity event or movement. For example, the shoe-box appeal. Explaining the idea behind it and putting together the little boxes as a family.
It could also be a case of letting the children be part of the giving within the family. Ask for their opinions on what Daddy or Nanna might like. Let them help with the wrapping. Start the conversation.
It's never too early and their future selves might just thank you for this one.
Written by Tracey Quinn, staff writer with Family Friendly HQ