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People Are Not Impressed With This 'Cute' Photo

People Are Not Impressed With This 'Cute' Photo

People Are Not Impressed With This 'Cute' Photo
A photo that is currently doing the rounds on social media has got a lot of people talking, and it’s not all good.
Shared on the Medical Shots Twitter page, a photo of two young children under the caption, “This is cute, isn’t it?”, has annoyed a lot of people.  Many of those frustrated by the photo took to the social media page to make their feelings known.
And the problem? The fact that the photo seems to show a boy in the doctor training scrubs and a girl wearing the nurse in training scrubs.
Many called it sexist, saying that it was “reinforcing gender stereotypes” - boys are doctors and girls are nurses. 
Not everyone was against the tweet, however.
In fact, some commented that maybe the person on the left was a boy, or that maybe the kids chose those particular roles themselves.
The photo itself is certainly cute - and whether it is a boy and a girl or two boys or two girls, the subtle message the photo is portraying is certainly not cute.
Is it simply that the world has gone PC mad or do you think there is merit behind the backlash that this tweet has received?