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Parents 'horrified' over viral video of a baby being baptised

Parents 'horrified' over viral video of a baby being baptised

For anyone who has baptised their children, they'll know the relaxed feeling of the ceremony. The baby wears white, baby gets water poured over their head, the baby may cry a little, baby gets wrapped in a blanket and one of the godparents lights a candle at some point then we all head to the pub for a bit of a shindig. Seems standard, right? Until we came across this video, which is now viral. 

In less than a week the clip captioned "IS THIS YOUR PRIEST" shared on Twitter hit over 4.7 million views and it's fairly intense.

It is believed to be an Orthodox baptism taking place however it differs to your standard Christening. Here no water is poured over babies head, the baby is fully submerged under water numerous times.

It's a hard watch, probably not for the faint-hearted and as a mother of four I'm genuinely taken aback having watched it, tradition or not it's too much for me.