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Mum Receives Backlash For Refusing To Stop Writing About Her Daughter

Mum Receives Backlash For Refusing To Stop Writing About Her Daughter

Mum Receives Backlash For Refusing To Stop Writing About Her Daughter
Christie Tate has been writing about her children for over 10 years – long before mommy blogging was a big thing. Christie writes about her kids’ experiences in great details on her blog, Outlaw Mama, often sharing photos of them to accompany the articles.

However, when her nine-year-old daughter was gifted a laptop for Christmas and found all the articles written about her, she was not impressed.
In an article for the Washington Post, Christie explains that while she knew her kids would one day read the content, she had not prepared herself for dealing with it.
In fact, of the articles that she read from fellow bloggers who had found themselves in similar situations where their kids were old enough to realise what was going on, many of the writers said they simply stopped writing about their kids.
However, Christie is not about to stop sharing information about her kids, despite her daughter asking her to.
“In most of the articles I found on this subject, the writers eventually gave up writing about their children when they reached a certain age. They stopped to protect their children’s privacy, or as Darlena Cunha explained, “to salvage their desire for such privacy so that as they become adults there is something there to preserve at all.”
“I respect that approach and understand why it works for many writers, but it’s not a promise I can make. Certainly, my daughter is old enough now that I owe her a head’s up and a veto right on the pictures or on portions of the content, but I’m not done exploring my motherhood in my writing. And sometimes my stories will be inextricably linked to her experiences.”

Understandably, people are not impressed with the mum’s lack of empathy towards her daughter, with many suggesting that their mother-daughter bond is now broken.
Another wrote: “Christie Tate has shown that no matter how much pain her daughter is going through, monetizing that pain is more important than actually doing what she can to help her daughter. Now her daughter knows that talking to her mom = no privacy.”
Explaining her reasons for not stopping, Christie writes that  “Amputating parts of my experience feels as abusive to our relationship as writing about her without any consideration for her feelings and privacy.”
Christie has come to some arrangement with her daughter though. She has agreed to not submit a photo for publication without her nine-year-old’s consent and will describe the content that she is writing before sending it for publication.
The mum has also agreed to use a pseudonym when talking about her daughter.
What are your thoughts?