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Mum Puts Potatoes In Her Son's Socks For The Best Reason

Mum Puts Potatoes In Her Son's Socks For The Best Reason

Mum Puts Potatoes In Her Son's Socks For The Best Reason
As parents, there is nothing worse than seeing our kids sick and unwell. Whether it’s a runny nose, a vomiting bug or general colds and flu, we would do anything to help ease the pain and discomfort, including putting potatoes in their socks.
Which is exactly what Debbie Vigan did when her son, Deairres, had a cold recently.

The youngster had a cough and a runny nose and Debbie had heard about a trick involving potatoes that could help make him feel better.

Taking to Facebook, the mum from San Diego, California explained that she noticed a significant difference in her son’s health when he went to bed with the potatoes in his socks.
“So I saw an article about putting potatoes in the babies sock when they’re sick,” she wrote on a post that has been shared over 330,000 times.

“So Deairres had a little cold and I put potatoes in his socks last night around 8-9pm.
"He didn’t cough through the night… nose isn’t running... isn’t as congested and he slept for 12 hrs. 
"The potatoes out of his sock were black. Now before people mention “oxidation” I left the other parts of the potato on the counter to see the difference.”

As you can see from the photo posted on social media, the other half of the potato is not nearly as oxidised as the ones from the socks.
According to Debbie, the trick worked “damn near 100%” and her son’s cold had significantly improved.  

“I had to suction his nose a little bit but it’s definitely not as bad as it was yesterday,” she explained to one commentor.
“I’m sure it was left over but he’s not coughing or anything like he was yesterday.”
Have you ever heard of this trick? Would you give it a go?