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Mothers of Ireland reveal their secret bathroom habits!

Mothers of Ireland reveal their secret bathroom habits!

woman in the shower
We asked the mothers of Ireland about their secret bathroom habits - and they've come forward in their hundreds to reveal what goes on behind closed doors.  
They've revealed the good, the bad and the ugly about what happens in the most private room in the house. And they've even been convinced to share their worst bathroom habits and embarrassing moments. 
The survey - which was carried out on behalf of SONAS Bathrooms to celebrate the launch of their 2017 catalogue - was filled out by more than 700 mums from all over Ireland. 
  • The survey found that busy mums don't necessarily have time to take a shower every day - just 50% manage it in fact, while 31%, manage to get one in every other day. 
  • A total of 13% shower just a couple of times a week while 3% admitted to only getting around to it once a week. At the other end of the scale, 3% said they take showers twice a day. 
  • As for managing to get some peace and quiet in the shower, our survey revealed that just 31% of Irish mums manage to have one without their kids being in the bathroom at the same time. 
  • A total of 30% of mums either never or rarely manage to have a shower without an audience, while 40% manage it sometimes. 
  • When in the shower, 73% of women wash their hair first, 10% wash their face first, for 8% it's the torso and it's 4% each for bums and arms. Just 1% of our respondents wash their legs first. 
  • When it comes to the chore of cleaning the bathroom, an impressive 60% of Irish mums manage to do it once a week. A total of 17% give their bathroom a clean a couple of times a month, while 12% get the rubber gloves and bleach out only when it starts looking really bad. One in 20 of our respondents said they only manage to tidy their bathroom when they're getting visitors, and 3% do it monthly. Another 3% get someone else to do it - either their partner or a cleaner. 
  • The most unpopular chore was cleaning the toilet, flowed by cleaning the shower or bath, followed by cleaning tiles, unclogging the drains, emptying the bin and cleaning the mirror. 
  • As for what's inside their bathroom cupboards, it seems that the traditional medicine cabinet is on the way out - just 2% keep medication in their bathroom. The most popular items stored in vanity units or storage mirrors are toiletries (71%) followed by spare toilet roll (14%) cleaning products (7%) towels (3%) and sanitary products (3%).
  • With regards to bathroom crimes, 53% of Irish women admitted to leaving their hair in the plug hole, 21% don't clean toothpaste off the taps, 50% don't clean splash marks off the mirror, 29% leave dirty clothes on the bathroom floor and 26% leave empty toilet roll on the holder. 
  • And 17% of mums admitted to not bathing their kids as often as they should. 49% bathe their children a couple of times per week, while one in five do so once a week. A total of 15% of mums give their kids a bath every day. 
  • When asked how they'd describe bathing their children, 40% said it was enjoyable, 16% said it was stressful and another 16% said it was a chore. For 28%, it's just another part of the routine and 21% described it as messy. 
  • And when it comes to flushing the toilet, 39% of respondents said their kids only flush sometimes, 11% said rarely, 4% said never and 25% said their kids weren't potty trained yet. Just 22% said their kids always flush the loo.
  • As for their partner's worst habit, the most common complaint was leaving the toilet seat up, followed by leaving hair in the basin after shaving, not flushing, leaving skid marks, bad aim and leaving water all over the floor. 
We also asked for respondents to tell us their most embarrassing stories and there were some hilarious responses. Here's a selection below:
  • Leaving my dirty knickers on the floor and forgetting they were there and a friend uses the bathroom. 
  • I blocked a friend's toilet and had to try and unblock it with a plastic bag I found in her bathroom and a glove --- DO NOT ASK
  • Puking into the bath after a night out & not remembering until my husband goes in the next morning & gets a lovely surprise
  • Getting locked in the toilet in the cinema, staff member caught me half way under the door. Couldn't get the rest of the way out without help as I was laughing so hard.
  • Couldn't flush a poo in a new boyfriends house
  • When I was in a restaurant went into the men's not paying attention came out of cubicle to 3 men weeing.
  • Putting on a tampon and son walking in.
  • My son seeing me put on a sanitary pad and asking me why I was wearing a nappy.
  • We have 4 children but only 1 loo so weeing when in the shower when the loo is being used!
  • When I ran out of toilet paper and had to make a sprint downstairs to the other toilet and my four year old told everyone mammy did a poo and had no wipes...eeeeek
  • Rushing to get dressed after a shower. Later while standing in the chemist I could feel something falling down the leg of my jeans. It just happened to be my Knickers. :)
  • Caught shaving my lady garden by the 4 year old. Awkward conversation followed
  • I sat in a sink when drunk and it broke and I fell to the ground
  • Did a poop in my brother inlaws house at the weekend and toilet would flush AND I got locked in cause the door is a bit sticky
  • Older kid opened the door on me as I was mid wipe and my mother in law was coming out of her bedroom.
  • Having my baby unexpectedly in our bathroom and ten minutes late four male paramedics joined us.
  • A giant poo that wouldn't flush for 3 days
  • I couldn't get out of bath wen I was pregnant hubby had to pull me out!!!!
  • I rushed to the bathroom on a night out as I was bursting, I didn't notice the lid was down and as I peed on it, it was splashing all over the backs of my legs and I was soaked
  • Toddler opening the door as I was in the middle of peeing- in a shopping centre on a Saturday afternoon.

Commenting on the results of the survey, Managing Director of SONAS Bathrooms, Richard Sloan, said: "We had a lot of fun with this survey - it was great to get Irish mums answering questions so honestly about what they get up to in the bathroom. We surveyed Irish men recently too so it was nice to compare the results."

He continued: "We wanted to carry out this survey because the bathroom is a central part of the house. It's the one room that every single member of the family will use at one point or another throughout the day or night, yet very few people talk about what goes on behind closed doors. We thought it would be fun to spill some of the nation's secrets."
"We found that mums do find it hard to get privacy or relaxation time - even in the bathroom!"

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