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Magical Cures For Viruses And Colds

Magical Cures For Viruses And Colds

woman with flu
Are These Old Wives Tales Or Genius?
I think if I even mention the word “viral” it will send people in to a tizzy. If you are a parent then chances are you've heard that word more than once this Winter. Is it just me or was/is this Winter much worse than previous years? It feels like everyone is sick. It's sniffles, coughs and temperatures galore.
We've come across these really interesting “magical cures” for viruses and we think that if nothing else they are a bit of fun to read about. Are they Old Wives tales or genius? We will let you decide.
1. Chicken Soup
This one is very popular. Evidence has shown that it can reduce nasal congestion and lessen cold symptoms. It's often referred to as “Jewish Penicillin”.
2. Vicks Vaporub On Feet
Vicks is basically a blend of essential oils that can help us breathe easier when we are experiencing cold symptoms. Many people actually believe that rubbing it on to the soles of your feet and then placing socks on over it is even more powerful. Doing it before bed and sleeping with it for the night seems to be the most common way to do it.
3. Potato In Sock Remedy
This has taken social media by storm. Many parents claim that placing a chunk of peeled (raw) potato in your child's sock overnight actually “extracts” and “removes” the  infection or virus from your child.
4. Exercise
While most medical professionals will suggest as much rest as possible when you are feeling poorly, many people feel that some light exercise (if no temperature is present) can actually help.
5. Thyme To Relieve A Cough
Many people use this as relief for respiratory illnesses and coughs. It is thought that the  leaves contain a compound that relaxes the throat muscles which can lessen inflammation.