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Let's have a safe Halloween

Let's have a safe Halloween

Let's have a safe Halloween
Halloween is merely around the corner. The kids are excited and careful consideration is being given to costumes and party plans. It's hard to believe that the first school “break” is almost upon us already. 
As much as we love Halloween, it is a time of year which carries a great deal of risk and danger too. It is one of the busiest times of the year for emergency services and there are facts that parents simply need to be aware of. 
Let's have a safe Halloween! 
  • When Pumpkin Carving leave the cutting and carving to the adults. Children can get involved with decorating.
  • Choose flame-resistant costumes. A huge portion of costumes are designed with highly-flamable materials and are extremely dangerous when they come in to contact with any kind of flame.
  • When it comes to masks ensure that it fits your child properly and they can see through it effectively. Remember trick or treating tends to happen when it is dark.
  • Accompany your children when they are trick or treating and ensure that they are aware of the dangers they may encounter. For example they should never enter a stranger's house or approach a pet who may be startled by their costume.
  • Fireworks of any description should be avoided unless professionally trained and ensured to do so. These carry a huge risk of harm to the individuals that come in to contact with them.
  • Be aware of the dangers concerning bonfires. Watch from afar and keep your distance.
  • Candle-lit pumpkins and novelty candles should be displayed on an even sturdy surface away from any curtains or fabric.
  • Examine all treats and ensure that you remove treats that carry a choking hazard as well as packaging that is already open.
  • Test make-up and face-paint on a patch of skin before applying a lot of it to your children. Allergic reactions are very common.
  • Special care should be given to ensuring that props and costumes are age appropriate. Many carry a choking hazard as well as dangerous attachments and extras.