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Irish Instagram Clean Queen Has Everyone Scrubbing Their Houses

Irish Instagram Clean Queen Has Everyone Scrubbing Their Houses

Irish Instagram Clean Queen Has Everyone Scrubbing Their Houses
An Irish parenting blogger turned cleaning blogger has hit Instagram by storm over the past fortnight with her insane cleaning tips.

Ellen O Keeffe a Waterford mum of three boys has gone viral across social media platform Instagram in recent weeks. Stores like Mr Price, Dealz and Homestore and More have been struggling to keep up with the demand for cleaning products she is recommending. 

In an exclusive interview with FFHQ Ellen shares her top three cleaning products. She said: "microfibre clothes, Elbow Grease and Cif Bathroom Power and Shine are my go-to products."

In just two short weeks the cleaning queen has seen her Instagram following grow by over 9,000 new followers and those numbers continue to grow daily.

Ellen tells us her top tip when it comes to cleaning is "less is more" when you want a streak-free finish. By using less product, there is less buffing meaning fewer streaks. 

She also highly recommends using vinegar instead of fabric softener when washing towels. Ellen says by using vinegar " it keeps towels super soft" and she promises us they won't smell like a chip shop - which I have tried personally and I'm flabbergasted. My towels were like new again, so gentle and fluffy. She also recommends homeowners to wash towels on there own to prevent catching and bobbling of other clothes.

As I chatted with Ellen she told me her house is never "always clean", she has three boys under the age of five and if she's tidying one room, "they are destroying another" but she does like to keep on top of things. 

Ellen says she doesn't spend her whole day cleaning likes some people would think but sets timers throughout the day for 10 minutes at a time. She said, "you would be surprised how much you would get clean in a limited amount of time". 

She also discovered she could clean one whole bathroom during TV advert breaks in the evening when her boys were in bed, something she had done regularly when Love Island was on our screens. 

The self-confessed cleaning addict has hundreds of tips on her Instagram page in the highlights section from cleaning a washing machine, de-greasing an oven and getting nasty stains out of baby clothes, so if you want to to be inspired and get the gloves on - go follow her.
My own house has never been as clean and even partner watches her daily putting her tips into action, she has most certainly influenced our household. Please excuse while we argue who gets to use the Scrub Daddy first.

Written by Kellie Kearney staff writer at FFHQ who also blogs at