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Irish Bloggers Autism Awareness Video Goes Viral

Irish Bloggers Autism Awareness Video Goes Viral

Irish Bloggers Autism Awareness Video Goes Viral
A Cork mums Irish Autism awareness video has gone viral across social media.
A real eye-opener, the three-minute clip features young children, teens and adults speaking openly and sharing their personal experiences with Autism.
We spoke with My Boy Blue blogger Nicole Duggan who created the touching video with an aim of the spreading awareness and to explain Autism to those who don't understand it. No better way to do that than with autistic people who live it every day.
Nicole's four-year-old boy Riley who is non-verbal and has a diagnosis of ASD features in the video.

The video has hit over 380,000 views since going live on Friday evening.
Nicole told us she thinks it's "crazy", she never expected such a response.
In our brief chat she said: "It is spreading much need awareness and I am so happy with how many people it has reached."
Earlier this year Nicole launched a campaign during Autism Awareness week to teach people about Autism raising over €14000 for My Canine Companion.

Nicole Duggan wanted to show the true reality of Autism, the highs, the lows and the personal stories. It was aimed at everyone, people living with autism or not living with autism. 
In August 2017 her little boy Riley received a service puppy in training, Willow, from My Canine Companion. 

At the time, Nicole told us ''Willow helps to calm down Riley when he is stressed. He will take off his shoes and his socks and rub his feet on her fur. She distracts Riley in overwhelming situations."

"Willow comes everywhere with us. She comes to restaurants, shopping centres, even to the cinema with us...she is changing our lives".

Written by Kellie Kearney staff writer at FFHQ who also blogs at