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Irish Autism awareness campaign 'Through Their Eyes' raises thousands for My Canion Companion

Irish Autism awareness campaign 'Through Their Eyes' raises thousands for My Canion Companion

nicole duggan, my boy blue
Through Their Eyes, an Irish autism awareness campaign set up by mum of one Nicole has excelled her expectations raising over €14000 for charity.
The campaign launched during Autism Awareness week was set up to teach people about Autism. Nicole Duggan mum to a little boy who has Autism wanted to show the true reality of Autism, the highs, the lows and the personal stories. It was aimed at everyone, people living with autism or not living with autism. 
Throughout the course of the campaign which took place on social media channels, Snapchat and Facebook reached thousands. 13,000 people watched the twenty speakers share their Autism stories on Snapchat. Each day there was a number of takeovers speaking about their autism journey. They were mums, dads, siblings, people on the spectrum, Occupational Therapists and Speech and Language Therapists spreading awareness and to help people to understand.
Tom Lucey an Irish singer composed the most beautiful song 'Through Your Eyes' which boosted the campaign on Facebook, reaching millions. The song made it to number 4 on the iTunes charts.
My Canine Companion was founded in June 2011 by Cliona O Rourke with an aim to provide trained, skilled, service dogs to people living with Autism. They provide an outstanding, customised and individualised service which meets the needs of each individual client. Each service dog costs the charity €10,000 to train including a two-year training program from birth to qualification. They receive no government funding and rely solely on individual fundraisers organised by families who are placed with dogs and donations from the public.
Nicole announced this week her campaign raised €14,000 through iDonate for My Canion Companion, an Irish charity that holds a very special place in her heart. In August 2017 her little boy Riley received a service puppy in training, Willow, from My Canine Companion. Nicole tells us ''Willow helps to calm down Riley when he is stressed. He will take off his shoes and his socks and rub his feet on her fur. She distracts Riley in overwhelming situations. Willow comes everywhere with us. She comes to restaurants, shopping centres, even to the cinema with us...she is changing our lives".
The 'Through Their Eyes' campaign has been a huge success and all of us here at FFHQ would like to congratulate Nicole and all the speakers for their hard work. We watched the campaign from the comfort of our homes and it opened our eyes to the realities some parents face. 
Well done to everyone who donated, the speakers, Nicole, Riley and of course, Willow.