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Hygiene Facts You May Not Know

Hygiene Facts You May Not Know

woman cleaning
OK so the last thing any of us need here is a lecture about home hygiene. It's a never ending list that we're already struggling to keep on top of. I genuinely didn't know about some of these though. Simple every day things that wouldn't even be on my radar.
Here are 5 Home Hygiene Facts that might just blow your mind too....
  • The remote control is probably full of bacteria and germs. Like what is life? It's one of the most touched items in the house but how often do you think about cleaning it?
  • Your toothbrush could be filthy. We brush out teeth daily and leave our toothbrush by the sink as normal. It's hard to believe that anything bad could come from that. The bristles may in fact carry several forms of bacteria. For example, every time someone flushes the toilet your toothbrush is merely feet away. I've just moved mine to the cabinet....
  • Kitchen sponges are the filthiest objects in our homes. Yep, worse than the toilet bowl or bins. They harbour millions of different bacteria such as Salmonella and E.coli. It is the perfect breeding ground for these things as we constantly give them liquid, nourishment and food. It is recommended to clean our sponges with bleach and hot water after each use to avoid cross contamination. I think I'll replace mine today...
  • Your handbag. It comes with you everyday and houses everything from open lipstick to cracker crumbs and the odd baby soother for good measure. A study of 25 handbags showed that your handbag was three times dirtier than your toilet. 
  • The hand-towel in your bathroom. It's there to dry your hands therefore you would imagine it would be one of the cleanest things in your home. It is quite the opposite and we should be replacing with a clean one daily!                    
Written by Tracey Quinn, staff writer with Family Friendly HQ