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How To Help A Child With Anxiety In The Summer

How To Help A Child With Anxiety In The Summer

How To Help A Child With Anxiety In The Summer
Most kids love the summer months but for some, it is a time that causes them some anxiety for whatever reason. 
Kids who suffer from anxiety can find the whole summer a little unsettling and find themselves feeling a little lost without the usual day to day routine and structure.
Some children need the normality of a school day but that doesn’t mean you can’t make the best out of the summer even if your child is a little anxious on the unpredictable days. 
Here are a few things to know about summer and kids’ anxiety:
  • Understand your kids’ position – Even if you think your child’s anxiety during the summer is silly you shouldn’t let them hear you say it. You may think that summer is a great time, but your child may have worries about missing their friends or spending more time with siblings and family than usual. Though spending time with family is great, some kids do like to have their own sense of belonging elsewhere. 
  • Don’t force your kiddie into camps – If your child is shy and anxious, the whole idea of camp may not suit at all. It may seem like a great idea but if your child is getting stressed about it, there is no point in upsetting them. Yes, you should encourage your child to partake in little adventures but be gentle and let your child lead the way. 
  • Holidays can be a source of anxiety – For families, a holiday is the best thing to happen, but kids can pick up on their parents’ stress with checking tickets, worrying about travel and getting to places on time. Your child will enjoy their holiday, but it may take them time to settle and like parents, they can get upset tummies or headaches from stressful situations. There will be plenty of time to relax and enjoy your holiday but for now, try and be as relaxed as you can be, so your child relaxes too. Prepare your child before you go away on the plan of action and how it will be a long journey or shorter one. Keep them distracted with something they like with colours, reading or puzzles/games which you can get in handy travel versions. 
  • Stick to some sort of structure – If your child needs structure, try and keep some going even in the summer. Let your child know when they will go to bed and when they are to get up. Stick to eating times as when your child is in school, they have set times and if you want to go out make sure your child knows. Plan a few playdates but try and do them at the time that suits your child and help your child to plan for their friends to come over. It can be another source of stress when they have the added pressure of having pals over as will they have fun? Will they be happy with their bedroom or will they tell others it was boring? These are all-natural feelings, so help your child and talk to them about their feelings. 
Keep working on it and don’t get annoyed with your child if they are struggling in the summer - it isn’t there fault and it will get better in time. 
Emma Hayes is a thirty-something mum of two girls aged 16 and 10, planting her right into the teenage and tween-age years! Follow her on Twitter at @EmmaHayes25