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How To Easily Turn Dinner Leftovers Into School Lunches

How To Easily Turn Dinner Leftovers Into School Lunches

 How To Easily Turn Dinner Leftovers Into School Lunches
Some parents just really enjoy making their children’s lunches for school. They pick up beautiful stylish lunch boxes with different sections and even post a photo of the finished product online.
I don’t know what it is but for them, this is a joyful experience and not a chore. Their children may be “better eaters”, their schedules may allow for a more stress-free experience or maybe they are just super creative or massive foodies? More power to them!
In contrast, if you find yourself absolutely despising the act of providing your child with food for school, you are totally not alone.
School lunches fill so many parents with the biggest sense of dread. In fact, it’s one of their favourite parts of the school holidays. Simply not having to pack school lunches is a real treat. If making school lunches brings you no great joy you are very very normal so don’t feel an ounce of guilt.
Are you sending your child to school with the same apple that keeps coming home in their school bag daily? They’re not eating it but you continue to send it in? We’ve been there. Are you sick of making the same boring sandwiches?
Shaking things up could actually make the task at hand a lot easier. You might even enjoy the process if you could believe that. Have you ever considered turning dinner leftovers into school lunches? Think about it – it fixes two problems.
It saves time because you’re packing lunches in a much quicker manner in the midst of the dinner clean-up.
This means you don’t have to designate a specific time to do lunches which requires a second kitchen clean up. Secondly, it really deals with the dinner waste that has been stressing you out.
If you don’t know where to start – here are five easy ways that you can turn dinner leftovers into school lunches.
1. Do you have tonnes of leftover vegetables that are destined for the brown bin after dinner? When they’ve cooled down chop them up super small, add them to a couple of eggs, dash of milk and some cheese. Pour into a baking dish and by the time you’ve packed the dishwasher a lovely crustless quiche will be ready and waiting. You can add any leftover meat or fish to this too. Cut it into sections and use as a really practical school lunch to enjoy cold. This one works well for breakfast too so it won’t go to waste.
2. Add an extra handful of pasta to the pot when you’re boiling some for dinner. When it’s cooked you can keep a small amount aside and simply add pesto for a quick and tasty school lunch the kids will love. It’s effortless.

3. Leftover potatoes of any kind? Allow them to cool, add a little mayonnaise, some chopped ham and a little sweetcorn. You’ll have a vat of home-made potato salad that will make for a delicious lunch for about two days.
4. Pizza, fajitas, noodles or burgers on the menu? They all make for great cold leftovers. Keep a small amount, pop it in a lunch box and bulk it up with some grapes or slices of cold meat/cheese. You can make your own rules. Everyone loves cold pizza!
5. Sides like corn on the cob are genius for school lunches. They’re cheap, require no fancy cooking and are delicious cold. Be the parent that sends in corn on the cob – go on!
Tracey is a happy mammy to four-year-old Billy. She is a breastfeeder, gentle parent and has recently lost five stone so healthy family eating is her passion! You can find her at