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Heartbroken mum issues warning following the death of her son

Heartbroken mum issues warning following the death of her son

Heartbroken mum issues warning following death of her son
Tia Bodkins found her son, Carson, unconscious in his room, mere minutes after he went up to pack for a trip.
Paramedics and doctors did their best to revive the 11-year-old but he sadly passed away after being without oxygen for too long.
Tia, from Colorado, believes her son died after playing a new viral game known as Choking Game or Fainting Game.
The mum is now warning other parents to be vigilant of their child’s internet use.

Talking to KDVR, Tia said that while they did have internet blocks on her son was allowed to watch skateboarding tricks on YouTube.

Tia and her husband Jason Davis are now urging parents to monitor their child’s internet use.

“As parents, the responsibility lies on us to go in and make sure [children] are protected, and sometimes that might be an invasion of their privacy,” Jason said.

The family has set up a GoFundMe page to pay tribute to their son.
In just 10 days, they have already surpassed their target of $5,000, with well-wishers paying their respects to the family and sharing their love of the young boy.  

“There are no words to comfort you, and only time will soften the pain. I am so very sorry for your loss. We will always remember Carson’s Bright Smile! With love and prayers, The MacHales.”

The money raised will go towards doing something positive in the local area.
“In lieu of flowers or food, we would like donations in memory of Carson to do something for the community. Carson’s life was all about having fun.
"We would like to continue Carson’s legacy by making a donation to the community that he loved in his name.  
"Anyone who met Carson has been impacted by him and he gave everyone so much, we would love to give back.”