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Having A Partner Who Doubles As A Best Friend

Having A Partner Who Doubles As A Best Friend

Valentine’s Day is coming and as the day nears it is the time when we get a little soppy or romantic.
Perhaps not? Some people don’t overly bother with the occasion and that is fine too.
If you have a partner who doubles as a best friend, you may find yourselves chilling out at home as you want to relax.
Such is the beauty of having a partner who doubles as a best friend, it is comfortable and loving.
Here are some of the best things about your partnership. 
  • Talk about everything - As best friends you will find it easy to talk about anything at all. Even the things you don’t want to tell anyone, you find yourself divulging to your partner because they get it and they get you. Evenings can be spent honestly chatting without feeling like you must guard yourself. 
  • Understand one another better than anyone else - This is a key component to a lasting relationship; knowing one another. It helps you understand one another and makes your relationship better. You may know your partner hates something and you will never need to pretend to one another. The silly quirks or weird addictions will all be central to your relationship, but it doesn’t bother you as you are close. Doesn’t matter warts and all are accepted! 
  • Lust after one another - Every relationship should be loved up but sometimes the lust may fade, and it makes a relationship harder. Looks fade and love is built on more then looks but being attracted to your partner is vital and if you are best friends you will automatically feel happier. 
  • Back up when you can’t see friends - It is great to have friends and always good to have people to back you up but having a partner who doubles as a best friend means you don’t have to struggle when they are busy if you have a problem. Your partner can be your confidant and help you figure things out. If you are the kind of relationship that runs to others when you have a problem and not to your partner it may cause issues. It is lovely when you can share your whole life with your partner and be a part of a group of friends together. 
  • Perfect lifelong plans - Feeling the way you do about one another you are going to share the same plans and be on board with them however, different they may be from your aspirations. You support one another and encourage change and improvement. This is why you are best pals. 
  • Share a back story and a future - If you are best friends you will know each other’s back story though you may only have met a few years ago. There are no skeletons to come out of the closet and you are both honest with each other. Getting to know each other was great and now you share a life though you did many things before you met one another. 
Written by Emma Hayes, Staff Writer, with Family Friendly HQ.