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For The Stay At Home Mums Who Don't Stay At Home

For The Stay At Home Mums Who Don't Stay At Home

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I kind of fall under the bracket of stay-at-home-mum in a lot of ways. I'm very lucky. I work from home and am around the majority of the time. I can live with working in the evenings and at weekends when it means that I am around for so much of the everyday stuff. I feel really fortunate to be able to do that.
I find the name “stay at home” kind of funny though. That is to say, the majority of stay-at-home mums in my life absolutely stay at home as little as possible. In fact, for most of us the goal of the day is to be away from the home as much as we can be.
Here is why!
  • It is impossible for the children to destroy the house if they are not in it. Sad but true. I've regularly used nap-time to hover and wash the floors only to scoop the toddler out of the house as soon as he wakes. I'll even pack a picnic. It's good for my mental health to come home, every now and then, to a remotely tidy house. Even if that moment is totally fleeting.
  • The house-work is never ending, you never stop and yet it continues to look as though you sat on your bum all day. Our of sight, out of mind. If I am at the park I'm not thinking about the mess quite so intensely.
  • Being at home is lonely. The walls start to cave in on you and you find yourself craving adult conversation. Sometimes the online forums just don't cut it. A trip to the playground or a slow-paced food shop can involve so many adult-exchanges. You are laughing with the lolly-pop lady, bitching with the girl at the check-out and swapping war stories with the other mum at the playground. It reminds you that you are one of many, never alone and capable of conversations that transcend milk and nappies.
  • The kids sleep better when they have ran the legs off of themselves. Never a truer word was spoken. The promise of a relaxing evening in front of the TV or that bubble bath is enough to keep you going all day. A walk to the post office can often be just enough to tire out little legs and make that night's sleep much better.
  • You want to show them off. Come on, you didn't spend all those months in the throws of pregnancy and all those hours in labour to sit at home cooped up. These cute children MUST be shown to the world at every available opportunity. The toddler mornings and support groups are full of other mums who feel the same.
  • Because, coffee. What is it about “going for a coffee” that instantly improves the quality of the day and indeed your mood? With most cafés now providing inexpensive “babychinnos” you may find yourself using this excursion as a bribe for good behaviour too. These are the little moments that make it all worthwhile, right? The gas bill may have been colossal this month, but like, you NEED your daily coffees. 
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