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Fans Divided Over Steven Gerrard's Birthday Gift To Daughter

Fans Divided Over Steven Gerrard's Birthday Gift To Daughter

Steven Gerard
Steven Gerrard has taken to social media to show the world the gift he purchased for his daughter for her birthday. Reactions have been split among his fans. Many have branded it too “lavish” and expensive while others are quick to defend his decision to purchase such a gift.
Gerrard's daughter Lourdes turned six this month and he wanted to gift her with something special from he and his wife Alex. The gift was an iPad, but not just any ipad. It was a personally engraved 18 carrot rose gold ipad which was custom made for the six year old.
The father of four tagged the company that made the product. He thanked and recommended their services to his fans clearly delighted with the way it had turned out.
One fan pointed out that she previously looked at Gerrard as being down to earth. She called this gift “ridiculous” given that people in the world “do not have food on the table”. Another fan was outraged and questioned what Lourdes would expect for her seventh birthday given this was such an extravagant sixth birthday gift.
Fans  also came to the footballer's defence and pointed out that Gerrard regularly gives to charity and that essentially what he does with his fortune is the business of he and his family and not the fans. One fan in particular claimed that if she had the same money she would spoil her children and wouldn't “feel a drop of guilt about it”.
(Image: stevengerrard/Instagram)