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Do You Publically Share Photographs Of Your Children Online?

Do You Publically Share Photographs Of Your Children Online?

Social Media
I am a blogger. Social media and the internet in general is a big part of what I do.
It all started with sharing my pregnancy journey online and it naturally morphed in to a blog about our adventures together as a family.
With that came sharing photographs of my son and to be completely honest it never felt unnatural.

I would be lying if I said that sometimes it doesn’t worry me though. The world can be a scary place and when you are putting images of your child on a public platform, such as with an app like Instagram, you are entering a more vulnerable territory.
I don’t know if I will ever stop sharing photographs online. Some of my social media channels are public and with that comes the territory of not really knowing who is following you. If you think about that long enough it can be quite scary.
I’ve met quite a few parents over the years that do not share anything about their children online even if it’s on a social media page that only their close friends and family have access to. They don’t feel the need and they do not feel comfortable with sharing photographs or information.
The weird thing is, I actually get it. I completely understand why lots of parents would not feel comfortable with this. I then ask myself the question – who do I want to? Why do I feel comfortable with it if they do not? It’s certainly not to brag. It’s not to show off.
The online “mammy” community for me has been totally invaluable. In the early days when I found out I was pregnant I felt part of something really special.
I could have felt part of this with forums and online threads alone but seeing photographs associated with pregnancy and following other mammies made it so much more real. It then felt natural for me to share the same.
I could change my mind, of course, but for now I feel comfortable enough to share aspects of my life on social media even though that does involve photographs of my children.
Do you share photographs of your children on apps like Instagram? Is it set to private or public? There is a huge divide when it comes to this topic.
Written by Tracey Quinn, Staff Writer, with Family Friendly HQ.