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Celebrate children's curiosity at ESB Science Blast

Celebrate children's curiosity at ESB Science Blast

Celebrate children's curiosity at ESB Science Blast
Brought to you by ESB Science Blast

 ‘Why is the sky blue?’, ‘ Why do dogs bark?’, ‘Why do astronauts float in space?’.
While growing up, children may ask lots of questions about the world around them. ESB Science Blast empowers children to discover the science behind a simple question and encourages them to ask ‘Why?’.
ESB Science Blast, in association with the RDS, is a non-competitive programme for primary schools from fourth to sixth class in the Republic of Ireland and Key Stage 2 in Northern Ireland.

The event invites classes to submit a collaborative project, where children are encouraged to think, wonder, investigate, create, design and explore the 'why?' behind the question they have chosen.
ESB Science Blast promotes curiosity and critical thinking in young students enabling them to better respond to challenges in the future, all while having lots of fun!
Family Friendly HQ had the pleasure of following sixth class students of Scoil Cholmchille S.N.S Donaghmede on their journey to ESB Science Blast for the first time. Their teacher, Rachel O’Callaghan, decided to enter the class into the Science Blast ‘to nurture their natural love of the subject’.
Rachel noticed that the children were already extremely interested in science and thought the event would be a great opportunity for them to work collaboratively on a project.

After much deliberation, the class voted to investigate the question: ‘Can we use a footprint left at a crime scene to identify and charge a suspect?'.
With guidance from Miss O’Callaghan, the kids worked together to conduct experiments and learn about different areas of forensic science, such as making a suspect chart, learning about different fingerprint types and, of course, gathering evidence from potential suspects.
As it was the class’ first time to ESB Science Blast, you can imagine there was a lot of excitement on the day (travelling on the DART together was a highlight for some!). After arriving at the event, the students had the opportunity to show off their project findings, as well as explore the hundreds of other class projects on display.
The event also boasted an action-packed program of science base entertainment, including the hilarious ‘Rappers Guide to the Solar System’ and ‘GastronautEXTREME’.

Miss O’Callaghan states that she would definitely enter into ESB Science Blast again as all of the children thoroughly enjoyed it and learned in a fun and collaborative environment.
ESB Science Blast will be Limerick 21st – 23rd May and Belfast 5th – 6th June, To get your school involved or find out more visit