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Busy Parents: Stress is found as the major cause of parental negligence.

Busy Parents: Stress is found as the major cause of parental negligence.

Busy Parents: Stress is found as the major cause of parental negligence.
You would have to be living under a rock to not read headlines where a parent is vilified for doing something that put their child in danger. While, these parents haven’t meant for their child to come to harm somehow, they have, and many would place blame on parent’s door but what is the real issue here? Parental negligence usually stems from an over-stressed parent dealing with too many tasks in a too little time frame. It is easy to lose concentration at times but if losing your concentration is putting kids in direct danger than your stress and anxiety levels must be analysed and fundamentally, treated. 

Parents are busier than ever and the frantic/busy lives they lead is having a detrimental effect on their mental health. Mistakes will be made when parents are forced to multi-task to an extreme level along with struggling to pay bills, keep home and provide children with the support that they need.  According to a report in the Khaleej Times parents may be going through mental health issues, such as depression, which could lead to symptoms like being detached and lost from activities. Other reasons could be lack of proper organisation and time management due to stress, causing burnout in the parents. It is also stated in the piece that in some cases there could also be involvement of sedative medications, alcohol or illicit drugs in excess, which may hamper concentration, memory as well.

Child negligence is stemming from overstressed parents in most cases and this is worrying as family life shows no sign of slowing down. Incidents compromising a child’s safety can have massive repercussions for family and indeed the child itself. While most can be attributed to parental mistakes or mishaps every near accident or accident is risky for a child. These accidents can have a real effect on a child’s long term mental health too as they become scared, worried or begin to fear certain situations. This may cause clingier children and kids that are unable to deal with certain situations as phobias can become an issue for them. Children may also feel resented and forgotten by their parents further disengaging from their parent at a time when they need them most. 

Parents are not immune to the issue either, as a nation parents feel guiltier than ever; balancing their busy lives. Parents who have unwillingly put their kids in danger while under stress may face extreme anxiety and stress or even depression. Parental burnout is a common problem and one that parents should be more aware of to avoid accidents. 

Parents should:
  • Take a break
  • Ask family/friends for help
  • Visit their doctor if they are feeling severely anxious
  • Consider work/home life balance
  • Talk to a friend about your worries
  • Be honest with your kids and ask for cooperation 
  • Discuss it with your partner
In time, family life can return to normal and seeking help or advice before burnout overtakes a parent is vital to avoid any child negligence.