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Boots celebrate mother and daughter bond in tear-jerker Christmas ad

Boots celebrate mother and daughter bond in tear-jerker Christmas ad

Boots celebrate mum and daughter bond in tear-jerker ad
Now is the time of year when we’re flooded with Christmas ads trying to incite some kind of emotion within us.
And Boots have certainly done that with their new advent about a single mum trying to help navigate her teenage daughter through life.
The ad sees mum Clare trying to do her daughter’s hair - but it doesn't turn out quite like the photo. In typical teenage fashion, Molly is not impressed with her mum's attempt and rolls her eyes.
In the next scene, Molly is seen stealing her mum's perfume while in another, Clare scolds her for wearing too much make-up – typical teenage mother behaviour.
However, the real emotional part of the ad is the moment Molly sees her mum for who she really is – a beautiful, confident woman who sings in the local choir.
And on Christmas morning, Molly gives Clare the perfect gift to encourage her mum to continue singing - a red No. 7 lipstick
As it’s a Boots ad, beauty plays a huge role, and this year's theme is on exchanging gifts with loved ones “to show you really get them”. 
“We wanted to really celebrate this special connection by focusing in on the spirit of beauty gifts showing you really understand your loved ones,” Helen Normoyle, marketing director for Boots UK and Ireland, explained.
"The story charting the relationship between the mum and daughter was a perfect example of how even when we're close to the ones we love, we can often take their unique traits for granted."
The theme tune for the ad is a take on Robbie Williams’ hit She’s The One – She’s My Mum – and, trust us, the words of the song will have you in tears as soon as the music starts playing.